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Worlds Collide - Phaeton -



Welcome to Myths and Legends class with Meckie =D
Our topic today: SPACE.

You all have been taught lessons about our 9 (well, 8 now :roll:) planets.
Legend says that there was another planet between Jupiter and Mars. His name: Phaeton.
The space between Mars and Jupiter is only filled by the asteroid-belt. Legend also says that Phaeton collided with a huge planetoid and burst into billions of pieces. Scientist assumed these asteroids as pieces of the planet.
But scientists also say that the weight of all asteroids in that belt isn't even equal to our moon! So actually no planet possible...

But I still believe that there was one =D
What do you think?

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- enjoy!

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I believe it completely!! It ties in with the Phaeton myth!:woohoo:Besides, some of the chunks had to have been hurtled out of orbit by the collision/explosion--only the smaller bits were kept in place by the Sun's gravitational pull...