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This is New Town

In comparison to 'Old Town'

Started this recently, just finishing it up before a trip out of town. Don't really have time to refine all the details, so this is good for now. Love the future!

Old Town : [link]

A few evenings in CS3 on Intuous 4.

Blog : [link]
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Awesome work ! °Ä°
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Thank you for your permission to add this to the group S-C!
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Interesting picture
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We have just launched the second edition of Illustrafuturs Award on illustration about Future.


Participation is easy: send your illustration about how you imagine the Earth in the Future to  Illustra Futurs (using the form web) and later send it by email ( in A2 format (300 dpi). Deadline: 31th July 2015.


You can also send an illustration that you have already done (related with future).

Awards: 3 Wacom tablets (Cintiq 13HD), 1 masterclass and the participation in an exhibition at Cosmocaixa Barcelona (during some months).


More information:…

We're also on Facebook:


Best Regards,

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Great job with this! :D
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It looks like the scaffolding is still going up...not yet populated, but when it is, it will be full of life. I love it and I hope you do go back to it. 
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I am working on a Board Game and I wanted to put this image in the game.
Please contact me in you're interested.

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Super cool city.This should be the future of man kind.
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lovely! Like the angle too
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your enviornments are fantastic!!!
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oh I really wanted to :+fav: it but I really hope to see it finished :(
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Really great ligting, i wish i could make such, but a regular mechanicle pencil will do for now.....
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again: visionary, epic, speechless...
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Wonderful work! Nice and clean. Love the colors.
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A futuristic Town that is Reminiscent Of Star wars' Coruscant, mixed with a little NYC to me, it's a marvel that a Human made this. I am truly captivated by the colors, and some of the blurring. It's Beautifully Graceful.
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Wow! Just wow! Fantastic scene, love the way the light steams in and casts shadows...a perfect snap shot of a bustling city. Awesome.
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Great lighting. You know just where to drop those shadows!
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awesome depth and complexity! :)
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I like the complicated, busy look of it.
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