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Red Cross Dual Special

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Bare with the zany mechanics here...

UPDATE: Due to popular criticism, I'm going to go ahead and say, despite what the gun says on its shell, it is a prototype that uses .223, and is the base prototype that could you can exchange the barrel/firing mechanisms be able to switch the type of ammo. Any further question of the Sci Fi /cool design excuse can be referred to Judge Dredd's weapon. It has all kinds of ammo types. I should really just rename the gun "the Controversy". I really do appreciate all the feedback though! Thanks!

Dual functioning long and short ammo weapon. Designed for one weapon to carry both ammo types for long and short range combat. Also using only 1 barrel they can both feed into. Using a magical mechanism for the forward rounds that seals the barrel up when not in use. It's sci fi, deal with it.

Based on a 3D rough you can find on my blog :[link]
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All you'd have to do to make this legit is "duplex" it and give it two barrels.
Looks like a Fabrique National de Belgie P90 (as seen on Stargate SG-1) but with a standard mag replacing the bullpup one.
A bull pup pulse rifle makes more sense since the marines fight in close quarters.
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I would remove the fore-grip attachment. It's useless due to how the mag-well seems to be designed.
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Does the performance boost from short-range ammo over long-range in close-quarters outweigh the extra complexity?

Either way, it looks pretty...kinda 'worldly and dusty'.
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this gun is just sexy.
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Wow, I found a person who came out with the similar idea as I did, you gotta take a look at this:…
There are some differences, but overall concept and the bull-pup is the same. At least I did expect that there has to be other people who have similar idea(s), no offense though(As some people hate hearing that their creation is similar to another`s).

Cool stuff! :D
I`m curious about how the chamber(s) work in this firearm, it has two ejection ports but with one muzzle, are there two barrels inside so that they can switch position depending on the selection?
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   I see real potential for this.  Who knows maybe someone in the weapon industry will use this design for real.  I just hope when this happens, you get the royalties!!!
I tend to think that combination weapons are an answer to a question that no one has really asked.  That said, something like this might be better in a caliber combination of integrally suppressed 300 Blackout on top, and something like the Bofors 6.5x25 CBJ on the bottom.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, I am still drooling on myself (mentally).  This is excellent work.  Well done!
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This gun would be awesome in fps games!
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Very cool concept design, love the detail!
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So that's where the 9/11 relief fund went.
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Reminds me of the KRISS Vector
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It's not sci-fi; if you can figure out the proper mechanisms and have an internal computer or higher functions, you can have the gun shoot as fast as a P90, while using both clips. Yet the faster the gun fires, the more the accuracy decreases as the recoil throws off the persons aim. its basic logic, but guns aren't made like this because of the fact that it wouldn't be ideal to be in combat and need to change one or 2 different magazines of different caliber/ magazine sizes.


Either way, this is looking really nice!

great general, I also try with a pair of silencers because I see a good place ahead
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So how many rounds in those two of magazines and which kind of bullet that gun used?
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its like MP7A2. freaking awesome
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Can i make a working version in real life with your permission
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How? the bolt in the "short" round would get in the way of the "Long" round. You DO ...know it wouldn't work right? ..after 3 years?
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so ... the long round passes through the .. bolt and chamber of the short round? ..what? it LOOKs sound.. till you add the second mag in there and try and pass it on the same barrel
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No, no, no, no! The short round passes through the long round's barrel, just like how 7.62 rifles can fire 5.56 rifle rounds, albeit inaccurately.
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but you need a bolt group and extractor AND chamber space in that area of the rifle, Like i said, it looks sound till you add in the second source, It would not work..
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