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Insomniac's FUSE Space Station

Insomniac's new game FUSE comes out next week!!! For PS3 and XBOX!!!!

Here is a concept I did some time back in 2012 for the game!

Check out the Launch Trailer Here [link] ! Get the game in store May 28th!! Or Pre Order now!!! Check out the official website [link]!

This is a preview re-posted from insomniac's Instagram [link]
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Beautiful design!
Mark248X's avatar
Can I use the image for one of my books in Wattpad? It fits perfectly.
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I want to make a game!
Can I use this image for a book report that I'm doing?  I think its PERFECTLY!
zonnw's avatar
inspiring... z
Presona-photo's avatar
Hmmm.... You've just given me an idea.
Adeptuschematicus's avatar
Is FUSE an acronym for something?
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Cool, a space station!! :)
DarkElixir's avatar
Nice design. Reminds me of some of the concepts I've seen for the HomeWorld mother ship.
Antwns's avatar
Looks like BSL from metroid O: Love it
Very nice, in truth i haven't looked into FUSE at all, but this station is epic. Brilliant work man
Commander-Fillmore's avatar
That's a beautiful consept design dude
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It's a shame that they changed Overstrike into Fuse. Overstrike had a curious blend of retro and future with what seemed to be a really funny sense of humor. Now, from everything I've seen Fuse is just another forgettable shooter set in the grim brown near future with a generic plot and generic dialogue.
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