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Compact Sniper Rifle

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Here's a concept for a modified bullpup auto sniper rifle. Though thats a mouthful, it explains the different style design. I imagine that most of the gun is housed in a plastic case with a polished metal skin. Purely for aesthetics.

*Not from an actual game

CS3 + Tablet drawing

My Blog: [link]
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saymourrStudent General Artist
all these concept guns and no one uses caseless ammunition
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Hey man, I practiced 3D modeling with your awesome concept, 
Here it is, hope you like it.
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ArtmarcusHobbyist Digital Artist
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Marvelous. I instantly added it to my favourites.
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cool, i like the idea of a compact sniper rifle! added to fav
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RealmwrightHobbyist Artisan Crafter
These I would call Great Whites or S.H.A.R.K.s
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Uh the barrel is too short, it's more like a bullpup style assault rifle.
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Sage-ValentineHobbyist General Artist
Looks more like an assault rifle to me but I suppose one could use it as a DMR. Though methinks the reason why it looks more like an assault rifle to me is because it reminds me of the F2000 and the Tar-21. 
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Lightning-Strike1Hobbyist General Artist
This is fantastic, do you mind if I 3d model it?
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one thing though! the barrel is way too short for a sniper rifle...looks like a bad ass shotgun though...
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Really cool, except unless you were a lefty, you would get a piece of metal "in yo' face" otherwise, it's awesome 
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Nice Work! what is the caliber?
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TheGhostBoxStudent Writer
Kinda reminds me of the Assault rifles from Ghost in the Shell :)
Looking really great as well! :D
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NikitaTarsovHobbyist Artist
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UltimaWeapon13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shiny futuristic Sniper Rifle? You win.
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EverlastingAbyssHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice concept, but do you happen to have any idea of the internals that'd be used to make a design somewhat functional?
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AgentxEeveeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome I love gun design
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Love all the artwork of yours I've seen on here.

Do you mind if I model this?

I plan to make it to game rez specs. I'll credit you and everything of course.

I sent you a note, but I figure alot of people don't read em and I was better off asking here.
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Super6-4Hobbyist General Artist
This is most definitely an assault rifle, battle rifle, or carbine.
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GauntesProfessional Digital Artist
Interesting. looks more like it fits in the assault rifle or battle rifle category.
Changing scope might make it fit the category better
and the ironsight might be slightly redundant, considering that the designation 'sniper rifle' would normally always rely on high powered scope.

Also small functional problem
You either need to move the magazine slightly more forward, or make more room behind the magazine. otherwise, the bolt carrier doesn't have any room to cycle the round

other than that, beautifully rendered
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