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Auto Turret

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This started as one of my sketch sketches like some of the previous images. You can see the struts and base are still very loose and not really defined.

I imagine its a remote controlled auto turret, a cross between something from Aliens and Metal Gear Solid.

I also imagine the small cylinder in front of the ammo cart is a part of a shock absorbing system that uses the wait of the ammo to help stabilize the gun while shooting, thus it can shoot faster and more accurately.

Wacom Intous 3 with CS3

(this is from no game and is my own property)

Have a good day!
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Hi, my name is Sean Bellinger. I'm a 3D artist and an educator.
I wanted to request permission to use this concept for a small assignment I'm giving to a new artist who, I'm mentoring. She and I would be modeling it together.
I would, of course, make sure that we give you the proper credit should the models be posted online.
Thank you.
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s1dKProfessional Digital Artist
Hey man, i hope you dont mind, i`m modeling this concept in 3D, you can check the progress here ->…

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SgtSolarFlareHobbyist Traditional Artist
if you got 2 nerf vulcans you could prbable make this
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tremor50Professional Digital Artist
Hi there, I hope I didn't hit a nerve or anything but I hope you don't mind that I modeled this turret for fun. Here is the link and I hope ou will allow me to complete it. I was searching for your da page for a while now and I finally found it.

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A helluva lot better than what the Colonial Marines had.
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My guess it is in the .50 caliber or the 20mm range. But if you whant more ammo, then make it a railgun and OUCH. It could be used for AA and AP. Anti-aircraft and Anti-personel.
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If made into a railgun it would be anti-everything, no vehicle on this earth can stand up to a 12mm slug fired at speeds in excess of mach 10.
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mach 10 shit thee recoil would be massive. now keep it under mach 1, just like a M-60. However the ammo count will be unbeliveable.
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The recoil for a railgun isn't as massive as you'd think. sure it would still have recoil, but it would be a lot less than the equivalent chemical propelled shell, you'd have more to worry about trying to keep a railgun cool than taking the recoil it produces
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Well yes. But remeber it is the ammo count that counts. instead of carrying say 30 rounds in the ammo clip, it could be considerible to carry 90 or 120 rounds per magazine. M-16 style magazine.
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that is true, the lack of a need for a physical propellant would increase the number of rounds carried in the same space and weight
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So how about the ammo count?
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depends on the size of the slug being fired, in a 50 caliber mount you could probably fit a couple hundred in the same space a regular gun could fit 50 rounds, but then i'm not a firearms expert
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If it is remote control then I am sorry for the poor sdoldiers that have to take it head on. It is going to chop them to peices. This could be done for the game Frontlines Fuel for War. It looks great and tech for sure. This could be used in diferent games.
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Looks great.
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Dig your works! Especially the scfi.
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very nice design, thumbs up!
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TheSangsonProfessional General Artist
Really cool.Especially seeing how you´ve indeed developed in those past years.
Nevertheless I wonder how this gun´s able to point in a horizontal way?
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Awesome Work!!!!!!!
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Very nice. What caliber round does it fire?
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DoubleSpielProfessional General Artist
Very nice design! I like the way you designed the barrel housings with the diagonal ventilation slots and pneumatic workings.
I actually think it's fine that you left the base mounting unconcise, as the turret could be mounted to a structure as well as a base.
Also, what scale would this design be? An anti-aircraft emplacement? A small battlefield support turret?
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dmalandHobbyist Digital Artist
Way cool design. I really dig the way you think things out.
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