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WarCry by mechwarrior7 WarCry :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 0 0 Owch.... by mechwarrior7 Owch.... :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 0 Privateer. (Personel config.) 2 by mechwarrior7 Privateer. (Personel config.) 2 :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 0 Privateer (Personel Config.) by mechwarrior7 Privateer (Personel Config.) :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 0 Battle Girls Time Paradox Epi. 7 Screenshot by mechwarrior7 Battle Girls Time Paradox Epi. 7 Screenshot :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 9 8
Dark Ops. C2P4
"Rakish...Can you hear me?.....Get your damn head out of the clouds!" Rick said.
I snapped awake and responded.
"Whats happening?" I replied.
"We are at the drop zone! So sit tight!."
"Hope you guys enjoyed the ride!" Newman said as he started the countdown on our pods.
The timer flashed 5, then onward until a loud clang noise was heard and the pods raced
to the surface bellow.
Then things got hairy.
A sudden flash from beyond the horizon, and then the light got bigger.
"Incoming!" Newman said.
The turrets began firing at the incoming glow, then a big flash.
Everything went dark.
"I really don't want to talk to you right now.
You have me really angry and I don't know
where your headed and I believe you don't know
where your headed."
"Yes mom, I'm sorry."
"You said that so many times over the years.
It's time to learn from you mistakes, not just suffer the consequences."
I hate myself...
"Please Rakish! You need to wake up! Please, wake up for me! Please!" Said
:iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 3
Dark Ops. C2P3
Year: 0 A.N.I, 5 mouths after nightmare invasion, during the great destruction.
Location: The Index.
"Hold the line men, hold the line!" Commander Talhoff said.
"Theres to many of em!" Said Guardsmen Kertal.
"Then hold it with your lives you dogs! We must by the wise high-arks time!" Said Talhoff
The Remainder of the Matherian Guardian forces are facing heavy loses against the unending waves of
the nightmare army.
Equipped with the standard issue Longjohn Muskulater, A modified burst fire musket that fires 2 rounds per
shot, and a Raider light bayonet attached to the front of the rifle.
They where bows compared to the Nightmare's Spiker rifle, and their uncountable shock troops equipped with
jagged looking axes, spears, swards, knives and Spike pistols that seemed to fire hundreds of round per minute.
The Nightmares continued to assault the fortification with overwhelming power, charging them head on.
They where down to the geety, with only 1 Hellfire Muskulater revolving cannon left m
:iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 2
Nightmare Fighters-H.O.M.- Corrupt AC-57 by mechwarrior7 Nightmare Fighters-H.O.M.- Corrupt AC-57 :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 0 0
Dark Ops. C2P2
I woke to Silent still lying on top of me but awake and she greeted me with
a warm smile.
"Good morning, honey." she said in a soft, lavender tone.
Then, out of nowhere, we started making out, deep, for at least 30 minutes until
Rick came in.
"Sergeant, I gotta very important mission and ah..........was I interrupting something
"No sir, we where just finishing up."
"I see." he said with a curious face. "Well we need to be in the command center in 30 minutes.
So I'll leave you guys to get dressed and armed."
He then left.
"Im just going to slip my uniform over and leave my bikini on." Silent said.
"Agreed." I replied.
We began getting or uniform on and our gear packed. Soon our weapons where loaded and
we where just about to head out the door when I realized something.
"Hang on." I said to Silent and went back into the room and opened a drawer.
"What is it?" She looked.
"Its my Dad's .22 revolver, doesn't do much but puts a hurting on anyone in the way."
We then ran ou
:iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 2
Lone Wolf.
We are loners, wanderers, travelers. Most call us Wolves.
We are seperated from the world, and each other.
We simply are in for the ride and hold our on ground.
We do not interact with the world and anybody within it.
We have few allies that sence understanding, a even fewer that know our depths.
We do not wish for anyones problems, and each one of us has our own terms.
We are colorless, emotion never bloming from our pours, the border of the shades of gray.
We have our own ghoals, and get them done no matter the chocies.
We have different motives that made us become.
Some may call us Selfish, if we where to ruin others dreams and not respect them?
We all have a past of hell, sadness, and anger, and now we have no emotion.
We are not shy, for we just dont care to interact.
Our insides hold our feelings, locked away and kept to the darkest depths of ourselves.
We had honor, duty, and pride, but that was from long ago.
We are not in life to be a hero, to leave things behind, we are in it
:iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 2 4
Dark Ops. C2P1.
The next few day where slightly okay. My friend broke up with me
and printed out some stuff I don't want him to expose and threatens
me that he will expose it if I talk to him again and threatens to call the cops.
All I ask for is my stuff back but he claims he dosen't have my stuff.
Figures. I no longer trust anybody outside of the civil air patrol and
Matheria. Every time a enter Matheria, I learn something new. I
learned that this is not the first resitance against the Nightmares.
More like the 3rd, and the base, Newbound Freedoms, has been
here since the first risistance. What fasanated me was a small village
bellow the base, hidden underground. We had a very small population
, both military and civilian. LT Rick told me that I didn't need to go through all
The Basic training crap since I already was taught that during my Basic training
back in C.A.P. Dr. Nacalam gave me an implant that allows me to operate weapons
after picking them up without any teaching. Rick also taught me how
:iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 4
Dark Ops. C2P1 Sargent Silent's Loadout by mechwarrior7 Dark Ops. C2P1 Sargent Silent's Loadout :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 0 0 Dark Ops. C2P1 Private1stC Jackhammer's loadout by mechwarrior7 Dark Ops. C2P1 Private1stC Jackhammer's loadout :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 0 0 Dark Ops. C2P1 Corporeal Bigtooth's loadout by mechwarrior7 Dark Ops. C2P1 Corporeal Bigtooth's loadout :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 0 0 Dark Ops. C2P1 Sargent Rakish's Load out. by mechwarrior7 Dark Ops. C2P1 Sargent Rakish's Load out. :iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 0
Dark Ops. C1P2
"What about my parents?"
"Your family is fine, you will see them when you wake up" Macalam said.
"How come they don't see this?"
"After the invasion of the Nightmares, the wise ones have set up a barrier to prevent
anyone entering Matheria, however, during the second rebellion of 586 A.N.I., the
Nightmares tried to take some salvaged data and create a code to withdraw the barrier.
It worked, partially, but only about 10 people are able to come threw the barrier, monthly."
"What's this barrier?"
"The barrier was made after the wise ones fled to the Index during the Nightmare Invasion
In 1 A.N.I. It was meant to allow to dream freely, but only alone. Mind linking is no longer
"What's A.N.I.?"
"In Matheria, we judge time by the Invasion, B.N.I. is Before Nightmare Invasion and
A.N.I. is after, only used in Matheria"
"What are the Nightmares exactly?"
"Nobody knows where they came from or what their purpose was, but all we know is that they
want to kill us and somehow devour us
:iconmechwarrior7:mechwarrior7 1 4


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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I play games

youtube username:c4167

Current Residence: My House cause i cant afford a home.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Default
Print preference: I dont charge money, just don't claim my art and give me credit.
Favourite genre of music: heavymetal,punk,heavytechno
Favourite photographer: Me.
Favourite style of art: Anime or japaniese
Operating System: windows 7 or xp
MP3 player of choice: Any
Shell of choice: .308 cal. or eggs for breakfast.
Wallpaper of choice: half life 2, black rock shooter, r type command and final, red faction, gears of war, the punisher.
Skin of choice: Black rock shooter
Favourite cartoon character: Black rock shooter and the punisher.
Personal Quote: Have faith in yourself.
Just a few weeks ago I was sworn into the US Navy. Getting shipped out December 15.

Also, gunna do some soul searching again. If any women are interested feel free to reply or note. I dont really expect anyone to reply do to the norm but I'm happy to meet new people. 
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