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A group for all robot-battle loving, vehicle motor pumping, war-machine running art and deviants to have a home. A great, mechanical home.

We accept submissions featuring at least a semi-mechanical subject, including (but not limited to) robots, weapons, cyborgs, vehicles, and [mechanized] armor suits.

- Must have one at least semi-mechanical subject

- No pieces tagged for nudity/sexual themes
- Nothing that requires a mature tag, but does not have one will not be accepted (for mature tag guidelines, visit this page:…)
- No pieces dedicated to fetish

Members, please use proper folders when submitting.
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Mar 7, 2012

North America

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Art Collection

572 Members
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For the information of all group members:

I've kept the Digital, CGI, and Featured folders closed under vote submission to prevent the incorrect type of material from flowing through. This does create a filter, but my job would be made easier if the following functions were adhered to:

- Digital is for computer-based 2-dimensional drawings and paintings. Sketches and blueprints should go into the WIP folder.
- CGI is for 3-dimensional, computer-generated renderings and models. Unfinished sculpts should go into the WIP folder.
- The Featured folder is our group showcase. It features some of the best art we've been privileged with receiving, and in small quantities. Note that this is not a folder for gallery dumps! The rest of the folders are for regular submissions.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I hope that clears up policy.

- Kind regards
SotD, SaintOfTheDragons
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Terran marine by VerdRage Terran marine :iconverdrage:VerdRage 59 11 Robot_line-By Mr--Jack (Color) by KingRedDark Robot_line-By Mr--Jack (Color) :iconkingreddark:KingRedDark 1 2 Battle Scene II by TEnmoom Battle Scene II :icontenmoom:TEnmoom 2,590 92 ... by BlankaDark ... :iconblankadark:BlankaDark 9 2 iCU by Felix-El-Gato iCU :iconfelix-el-gato:Felix-El-Gato 74 23 repainted iron monger by rupertvalero repainted iron monger :iconrupertvalero:rupertvalero 4 2 speed paint by sundragon83 speed paint :iconsundragon83:sundragon83 781 62
If at all possible, we prefer to have these in the gallery instead of favorites. This folder exists for any who want to submit to this group without joining.

Please continue to adhere to the group rules stated above.









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Inktober 2020 day 14 by Lipatov
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Digital Drawings
Breakdown by Beaver-Skin
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Star Ship Frog Alien Clr1 by sharknob
Hestia-Robot by stormjang
Computer-Generated Design - WIPs
HPR-1728 Planet Eater v1.8 by Antarasol
Dark Age Heavy Metal: SAM-001 Samson by 1ucho
Samson in action by 1ucho
Flash and Animation
DFDBS - Ra'an - Sandviper-class cruiser 2 by NikitaTarsov
Nissan BladeGlider Concept by haseeb312
McLaren P1 Carbon Series (1 of 5) by haseeb312
2000 hp Lotus Evija. Only 130 made by haseeb312
Maserati MC20 by haseeb312
Bugatti Chiron by haseeb312
Ameise Frigo -Raspberry- by Scumandvillainy
Arkham Knight Batmobile by haseeb312
1/6 kit bashed mechsuit by scifieart10000
Comics, Cartoons
Just Prime by Cookie-Waffle
there's only one race by Cookie-Waffle
37bs by kaxblastard
38bs by kaxblastard
mercy in you by hulja
Sublight Propulsion Systems of the Sovereignty Propulsion, and the methods to achieve sustained, controlled, efficient movement in the open void has been a great driving factor for any spacefaring civilization. While Riftwell technology is absolutely essential for interstellar and even intergalactic expansion, creating reliable methods of travel within star systems is always the first step. Though a fair number of modern vessels have the capability to make short ranged Riftwell jumps between distant planets within the same system, this isn’t always practical. As such, numerous sublight propulsion systems have been created to facilitate interplanetary travel, as well as a number of other basic locomotive purposes.Most civilian-made vessels utilize a powerful, but fairly basic form of propulsion, coming in the form of fusion-based plasma engines. While an ancient concept, it’s only been in the last few thousand years that the technology and its application/execution has been fine tuned enough for regular, safe usage within an ever growing empire. In the simplest, most basic sense, these engines work by creating a sustained and controlled nuclear fusion reaction that's magnetically compressed, funneled, and expelled out the vessel as a powerful jet of high energy plasma and radiation. This provides significantly greater thrust and acceleration when compared to the ion-engines of old, while remaining extremely fuel efficient; although, it’s not without caveats. For one, maintaining this reaction in a totally controlled way requires exceptionally fine tuned systems, highly resilient alloys, and constant maintenance, among many other nuances. Vessels with these types of engines must also give each other a wide berth when accelerating, especially from behind; while an obvious precaution, this is especially prevalent due to the highly energetic and volatile wake they leave behind. This can limit the effectiveness of intra-system traffic, though the exceptional emptiness of space is often quite forgiving. There is no denying the raw power these systems can provide.Even still, these types of engines are considered somewhat crude by today’s standards, especially for the fact that a newer and much safer form of propulsion now exists. Made possible by the wondrous and surprisingly versatile material “aethrellite”, the fittingly named “aether drives” have slowly but surely outperformed fusion drives within the modern market. Aether drives are a far more exotic form of propulsion, utilizing malleable anti-gravity fields and the very fabric of the Universe itself to provide thrust. Essentially, these engines use successive rings of aethrellite to create a powerful, tube-like field anti-gravity down the length of the engine. As the ambient space-time continuum passes through this anti-gravity tube, it’s forcefully compressed, not unlike the crushing effects of natural gravity. When this compressed ‘jet’ of space-time exits the engine, it rapidly re-expands to its former density, providing thrust. Undoubtedly confusing, this concept is best compared to an atmospheric jet-engine; though instead of compressing air to provide thrust, these engines use the invisible flesh of the Universe itself. As with most things, these types of engines are not perfect, and come with a few downsides. The most obvious caveat is the fact that aethrellite, the ultimate ingredient of anti-gravity technology, is extremely expensive to make. Requiring exotic artificial elements and the perfect conditions provided by advanced laboratories, this material is not easy to afford, despite its relative commonality. Ships capable of Riftwell navigation need aethrellite for their own systems as well, and even without FTL capabilities, aethrellite is still an absolute requirement for inertial suppression. The simple fact is that the more aethrellite-based technologies a ship has on board, the more expensive and difficult to maintain it becomes. Beyond this, most modern aether drives simply can’t provide the same level of acceleration that a traditional fusion engine can.Either of these two systems are a common choice amongst civilian vessels, however, the USN’s military relies on yet another form of propulsion, one which joins both fusion and aether based engines to create a product that’s greater than the sum of its parts. These conjoined systems, referred to as “quintessence drives”, work by creating the same space-time compression ‘jets’ as an aether engine, while also injecting super-heated plasma down the chamber as a kind of afterburner. The pressure created by the aethrellite’s space-time warping significantly magnifies the thrust provided by the high energy plasma, allowing these vessels to engage in high acceleration maneuvers that are currently impossible for aether drives, and far too risky for fusion engines. Additionally, these types of engines allow for more minute changes in acceleration, giving vessels a greater degree of fine-tuned control. This simple combination so far represents the best Humanity has to offer in terms of sublight propulsion, with the only major downside being production cost and maintenance… however, the Navy of the United Sovereignty has plenty of funds to spare. Humanity may be a little far behind in certain technologies, but ship-building is not one of them.Another important aspect of propulsion is directional control and speed modulation. Maneuvers requiring great care, such as ship-to-ship docking, cargo transferences, asteroid or debris hauling, and construction in space are usually handled by much older and simpler technologies. Ship thrusters come in three main forms, those being traditional chemical thrusters, ion thrusters, or more powerful fusion thrusters. Ion thrusters are most often the weakest, providing minimal impulse and very low acceleration, but this makes them great for exceptionally high-finesse maneuvers. Ion engines work simply by firing electrically charged, low mass particles with high velocity. The most common form of thrusters are undoubtedly chemical based. Though usually a lot less fuel efficient, they are exceptionally cheap to produce and provide significantly greater impulse than ion thrusters, making them great for quick maneuvers, especially on larger vessels with greater mass. Now, fusion thrusters are, unsurprisingly, scaled down versions of a typical fusion-based engine. These thrusters undoubtedly produce the most acceleration and are very fuel efficient, but are generally more dangerous to use when other vessels are nearby; they’re also the most expensive. Ion and chemical-based thrusters are most commonly found on civilian ships, with fusion thrusters seen almost exclusively on warships. A vessel’s aethrellite grid can also act as a kind of anti-gravity thruster, essentially by pushing against the space-time medium to initiate thrust; however, this is very rarely performed, so as to reduce wear-and-tear on these expensive systems. All in all, Humanity has a lot to offer in the amount of options available for sub-light propulsion; a testament to this species’ adaptation and willingness to create.
Nuclear Winter by FabioMk
IJN Izumi by Loone-Wolf
Creative Design Contest 2013
Spy Mech by Art-by-Edum


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