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I grew up watching old science fiction movies, and my favorite was always the mighty Godzilla! In 1985 my geek dreams came true when a new Godzilla movie came to theatres. Over the next 15 years a new generation of films brought the kaiju into the modern age.

Meanwhile my daily cartoon intake had always involved Japanese anime. The simplistic adventures of Speed Racer progressed to the more mature plot and characters of Star Blazers. But it was the military mecha of Macross and Gundam that captivated my attention. I started watching for the giant robot action, but was quickly moved by the drama of these soldiers and their lives. Japanese cartoons did not talk down to me the way American animation often did; anime was a respected art form there, and watching imports made me feel like a connoisseur.

It was this love of the genre that inspired me to begin work on the “Mecha vs. Kaiju” role playing game. I wanted to create a setting that would capture all the things I loved about Japanese popular culture. In 2008 I published the first edition of "Mecha vs. Kaiju" for the True 20 Role Playing Game. At that time giant robots fighting giant monsters was a niche market. Today we stand at the dawn of a kaiju renaissance, from angry trolls in Norway to extra-dimensional monsters at the bottom of the Pacific, to the upcoming relaunch of the king of monsters himself next year, now is the time for the return of Mecha vs. Kaiju!

Favourite Visual Artist
Leiji Matsumoto, Ishiro Honda
Favourite Movies
Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Star Wars
Favourite TV Shows
Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Blazers, Gundam, Macross
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Daft Punk, Berlin
Favourite Books
The Dark Tower series, The Invisibles
Favourite Writers
Grant Morrison
Favourite Games
Mass Effect, Fallout
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Mecha vs Kaiju for Fate Core on RPGnow   Santa Rosa, CA: “Mecha vs Kaiju”, the anime-inspired science fiction role playing game for Fate Core, was released in Decewmber on and remained one of the hottest products on the site throughout the...
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“Mecha vs Kaiju”, anime role playing game, returns through Kickstarter Click here to go to the MvK Kickstarter Page. Santa Rosa, CA – February 6, 2014 – WrightWerx is proud to announce the return of their “Mecha vs Kaiju” role playing game through the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. Mecha vs Kaiju is an anime-inspired tabletop science fiction RPG, where Japan fights against the constant assaults of giant monsters by harnessing the power of mighty robots. Game players take the role of daring pilots, who pit their mecha machines against the unstoppable kaiju monsters. With the success of last Summer&rsqu
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I love DeviantArt. When I published the original version of the "Mecha vs Kaiju" role playing game in 2008, I was looking for anime artists, and I found some wonderful creators here. Sadly most are no longer on this site -- I can only hope they have moved on to bigger and better things. However I'm very glad to see that Butch Mapa is still here,and that his work has only improved over time! Now I am producing a new edition of “Mecha vs. Kaiju” for the Fate Core system. We’re going to launch a Kickstarter in February and hope to be able to bring enough to have all new art. If you are interested in creating a new generation of
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