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Bored again during class, decided to make a poster for my old typography class.

Thanks to everyone who has favorited this!
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Hello there! My name's Jason, and I'm a co-founder of a new startup business, Cognitech.
As the name may imply, we are heavily involved with technology, and currently we are looking for designers and programmers to help us get further into being a full company.
Not only are we involved with web design, we have a plethora of projects that are set to produce revenue and keep everyone happy. One of these, Consumer Ready Artificial Intelligence, has made headway into being mass-distributed.
If you have any slight interest in joining the Cognitech team, please email me at
We would prefer you to state your age, name, and skills, and (if possible) include examples of your work that you are proud of.
Have a beautiful day,
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so..H (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) T (Alphabets)  A (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets) 
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how you do the letters scrambled? :/ hmmmm so nice!
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what year/qualification was the typogrphy class? :?
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This was for my first quarter as a design student
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in uni or collage? I know I don't get much focus on typography as a GCSE student, but for a small section referring to text for the main project...
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i need video can u give me link for this
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magnifique !!
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This is amazing!! I love it!
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awesome work :)
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Very nice. Your type skillz are top notch.
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