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Current Residence: MAHQ Mecha Talk
As found here:…

"At least 10 people are homeless after a fire gutted two homes and damaged a third in the same block on Vancouver's east side.

Fire crews were sifting through piles of charred debris soaked in water late Sunday morning, trying to determine the cause of a fire that started at 3715 Inverness St. at about 4 a.m. and quickly spread to two nearby homes.

The houses at 3715 and 3711 were destroyed and the house at 3707 was severely damaged.
A three alarm destroyed these homes at 3715 and 3711 Inverness and heavily damaged 3707 Inverness. Smokey the cat, feared to have been killed in the fire, was found alive. Here, owner, Sandra Sheppard with Smokey.

Residents and neighbours stood behind police tape, some still in their pyjamas, waiting to see if firefighters could salvage any of their belongings.

Mark Rinkinen lived in a rental suite with his mother Danika in the house where the fire started.

He was about to go to bed around 4 a.m., he said, when he smelled smoke. He stuck his head outside the window and could see the glow of orange flames at the back of the house.

"I grabbed my cellphone and woke my mom up," said Rinkinen, 25."

I doubt he'll have internet for a while unless poking in on a friend's computer or at school.... but everything/just about everything is gone.

We all know he's been an integral part of this community and he has lost a lot more than a pile of SoC's and Gundam Ace manga... He could use our help.

I'll have more info on how to donate as soon as I'm in contact with him again.

His paypal email address:

Even donating a dollar or two is more than he has now... Especially since they sold their house in 2004 when his father died, and they could not afford to live there, hence the apartment...


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