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Boxing Novels
Novels are the most extreme level of commission there is here.
Topless Boxing
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Women's Boxing Commissions
Any FEMALE boxing story you want, I'll charge for 1500 points.

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Mature content
Let My Name be Known: Ch. 1: Who's Sofia? :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 9 17
We love you, Shelby Sinozaki. by Mechassault-Man We love you, Shelby Sinozaki. :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 15 6
Mature content
Commission: D.VA Vs. Sombra Round 3 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 15 3
Shelby Sinozaki Bio (Against the World)
Name: Shelby Sinozaki
Age: 21
Favorite Quote: It isn't over until we are all united.
Nickname: Silver Bullet, Wolfess
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Purple
Birthplace: Vale
Weight: 140lbs
Species: Wolf Faunus
Abilites: Combat expertise, Magical talents over Air/Wind, Leadership and Tactical skills, and can transform into a wolf at will
Personality: Very carrying and loving like a mother while also being easy going, but when the time is right she will rise up to be a leader that she is meant to be.
Likes: Sweets, Boxing, her Friends and Family, being goofy, Peace, her hair/fur
Dislikes: Rude people, Those who threaten to harm her family
Appearance: Shelby wears jeans and combat boots, and lightweight armor below her clothing. Her top is a short sleeved T-shirt thats purple with a Wolf howling on it, and a jacket sort of like Yang's except it's Sleeveless, and lastly she has on purple tinted Sunglasses and has one fingerless glove on her right hand.
Background: Shelby Sinozaki
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 3 2
Mature content
The Golden Dragon's Rise Ch.3: The First Sign :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 7 5
Against The World: Ch. 3: Shenanigans
Glynda Goodwitch was leading Team MAGA into their dorm room. As she walked through the various bland hallways, she finally arrived at one that was in the middle of a group of dorms.
"This is your dorm, if you haven't figured out already." The vice principal said to the four students.
"I kinda figured when we were approaching this one," Ryuoji replied as he put his hands on his hips.
"Well good." Glynda put keys into the lock and opened the door. She walked inside, and invited everyone else in.
When the students walked in, the dorm was what a normal student would expect: four beds, all equal distance apart at the end of the room, a couple bookshelves, a window at the end, and even a closet. Though, they would change a few things around when they got the time.
"Not bad. I am already liking this room. What do you think, Aria?" Ryuoji turned to his Faunus friend/rival.
"Yeah, I like it. Although we've got a few adjustments to do..." Aria nodded her head in agreement and put her fingers on
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 0 0
Mature content
Commission: D.VA Vs. Sombra Round 2 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 14 5
My Persona Awakening
???: Well, isn't this a sight to behold.
*Insert Awakening from Persona 5 OST*
Mecha: *Gasps in pain*
???: Remind me many years has it been? How many years have you been laying as a DOORMAT for everyone?!
Mecha: I-I..
???: TWELVE! TWELVE YEARS you've watched as people all around you use you...control you...
Mecha: Wh-what could I have done?! I couldn't do any-
Mecha: *Grips his head, and collapse to the ground*
???: But just HAD to act like a pussy...and allow ALL THE WORLD TO FUCK WITH YOU!
Mecha: I couldn't even...I couldn't even try!!
???: Well, I can change that.
Mecha: Wh-what..?
???: You heard me right. I can give you the strength to break through all the chains society has given you!
Mecha: Then..ARRGH!
???: Although...I'm beginning to change my did just sit by and not do anything for four years while your brain rotted away due to all those horrible thoughts they said about you. You could've
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 2 2
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 4 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 4 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 70 0
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 3 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul vs. Veronica Eagle Part 3 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 66 2
Emily Faul Vs. Veronica Eagle Part 2 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul Vs. Veronica Eagle Part 2 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 67 0
Emily Faul vs Veronica Eagle Part 1 by Mechassault-Man
Mature content
Emily Faul vs Veronica Eagle Part 1 :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 69 0
Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Colored by Mechassault-Man Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Colored :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 14 2 Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Sketch by Mechassault-Man Veronica Eagle: Boxing Attire Sketch :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 4 0 Veronica Eagle: Casual Outfit Sketch by Mechassault-Man Veronica Eagle: Casual Outfit Sketch :iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 5 0
My Boxing OC: Veronica Eagle
Name: Veronica Eagle
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Light Blue
Birthplace: Jersey City, New Jersey (January 2, 1995)
Weight Class: Welterweight
Stance: Orthodox
Style: Slugger
Record: 9-3-0
Favorite Punch: Right hook
Favorite combo: Volley of jabs and/or volley of hooks
Power: 7.5-8/10
Speed: 9/10
Stamina: 7.5-8/10
Defense: 6.5/10
Toughness: 7/10
Finesse: 9/10
Overall: 8-8.5/10
Main attire: Black sports bra, red gloves with white outline. Black trunks with a white outline as well as black boots with white laces. She also had dark red on the boots.
Veronica grew up in a city that was tough, hard, and unforgiving. While she wasn't raised to be a punk, she definitely set off that vibe. She constantly has this vibe that she will kick your ass Seven ways to Sunday. But she is rather nice when she isn't angry. She is like almost any other person, looks out for her friends, protects them, is honest, loyal, and really a sweet perso
:iconmechassault-man:Mechassault-Man 5 2


Ryona vs Myoko Part7 by Shamlessdreams Ryona vs Myoko Part7 :iconshamlessdreams:Shamlessdreams 18 2 Kitten vs Stephanie 175 by bx2000b
Mature content
Kitten vs Stephanie 175 :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 8 14
Commission: Hooked by Blunt-Katana
Mature content
Commission: Hooked :iconblunt-katana:Blunt-Katana 106 4
Aspen vs Kaitana 01 by suzukishinji
Mature content
Aspen vs Kaitana 01 :iconsuzukishinji:suzukishinji 27 4
Karen starts putting in some power hits by RoxErotique
Mature content
Karen starts putting in some power hits :iconroxerotique:RoxErotique 17 4
Kitten vs Stephanie 173 by bx2000b
Mature content
Kitten vs Stephanie 173 :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 15 35
On the steps by dishwasher1910 On the steps :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 1,155 58 Kitten vs Stephanie 172 by bx2000b
Mature content
Kitten vs Stephanie 172 :iconbx2000b:bx2000b 13 31
Aura vs Natsuki by ButcherStudios
Mature content
Aura vs Natsuki :iconbutcherstudios:ButcherStudios 113 12
The Ladies of Persona 5 by LazyAxolotl The Ladies of Persona 5 :iconlazyaxolotl:LazyAxolotl 250 15 Your winner SHELBY!!!!! by Jjean1794
Mature content
Your winner SHELBY!!!!! :iconjjean1794:Jjean1794 33 17
No Kisses for Pamela by danisan9502
Mature content
No Kisses for Pamela :icondanisan9502:danisan9502 48 8
Boxing in Chibi Kyda Arena by malphasbcs
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Boxing in Chibi Kyda Arena :iconmalphasbcs:malphasbcs 74 7
Xeno Boxing by malphasbcs
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Xeno Boxing :iconmalphasbcs:malphasbcs 58 3
Vicky vs. Jessica Rabbit by malphasbcs
Mature content
Vicky vs. Jessica Rabbit :iconmalphasbcs:malphasbcs 69 6
Aqua vs Eris .:Commission:. by NettoMedley
Mature content
Aqua vs Eris .:Commission:. :iconnettomedley:NettoMedley 141 34


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So I realized something.

My characters suck.

Really bad.

Not on the level of Rosa Nozomi bad, but, still somewhat mediocre.

Well, I didn't JUST realize this; I knew this for a long time but I never spoke up about it. I'm a writer. I'm not a character designer or maker. So why am I bringing this up now? Well it's kinda weird.

I was just looking at the finale of Mass Effect 2 (The perfect ending, everyone survives) and seeing every one of your companions with you. With their various different looks, personalities, and overall feel to them. That's lacking from my characters. I want that.

Granted, I've only truly created four at this point, but two are for my Against the World novel (which is what I'll be focusing on in a second) and the other is for boxing pics and RP's.

Mecha is probably my most developed OC when it comes to his backstory and actions. I'm not going to go into the details right now because that's for another day and if you guys even want me to discuss it.

Aileen is a cliche and by and FAR a copy of Mikasa from Attack on Titan. If you look at her bio and her actions, you'll figure out why. Hell, her backstory is RIPPED STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOW. Don't believe me? Pull up Mikasa's backstory (the episode) and find my backstory chapter all the way back on my fanfiction page. You'll be DISGUSTED. Not just by the backstory but also by my skill back then. And keep in mind, I KNEW this. I just liked the idea of someone, particularly a lover who would die for you, do anything for you. Might make an interesting dynamic.

Ryouji and Aria aren't my own characters that I made up of on my own, but I have improved them character wise. Adding more of a backstory, specific traits about them, and even adding story arcs that would make up part of the story.

I have other characters coming in, such as :icondarkraixgardevoir:'s Sabrina Andersons and Roman, and :iconshelbysinozaki:'s Sinozaki Pack. (Originally it was just Shelby, but then I thought of an arc where she meets her family again, and later on Mecha recruits them for the final battle against the villain)

But I also thought of other new characters, such as Templar, an Cyborg with an AI for a mind who joins much later on in (the hopefully made) Season 3. Another character I was debating on was Scarlet, Mecha's sister who joins in as a part of the possible debut arc of Season 3.

The problem is I don't know if what I have is good or done too much already. Templar was a fault in the creation system of the Atlas Cyborgs made by Atlas. He was able to gain human emotions, and act on his own. Because of that he was possibly going to be destroyed by his creators until he escapes with his body partially in pieces and carrying only a mystical shield called "The Relic" he travels across Remnant to find a home.

Scarlet has been sexually abused and assaulted by her "boyfriend" for months. When she calls Mecha and Aileen and tells them that their parents are dying, and the two don't make it in time to see them pass, Scarlet gets angry, saying they weren't around, all that. But basically, later on in the arc, she awakens to the power inside of her blah blah blah she can fight with magic and joins the group since she doesn't have a place to go.

So, I feel like these two are just...boring. Am I wrong? Cause to me, Templar is just basically retelling part of Marcus's story from Detroit: Become Human. And as for Scarlet, she's...well, there's nothing about her that feels special. And plus, she basically contributes 0% to the plot. So why bring her in? If she's not going to do anything and is just...there, why bother?

*sigh* So, I'm asking for some help. If anyone even remotely cares, I'd love to listen to some suggestions. Currently, the Original Character count for this story is clocking in at..10.
Sabrina Andersons
Scarlet (possibly, maybe will remove)
Shelby Sinozaki
Hiro (Shelby's pet Grimm Wyvern)

I'm not including the rest of the Sinozaki Pack because they're not a part of the main cast. 

I'm asking specifically for any adjustments to the MAIN CHARACTERS EXCLUSIVELY. If that's removing one, adjusting one, or making someone new, I'm good with that. I don't want to go over 15 characters as a max. I'm good at 10.

Alright, I await a possible response.


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United States
I'm a...interesting guy. I love Anime, Women's Boxing, (Yes, I know it's weird, but I like it.) RWBY, Manga, and above All else, I love Video Games.

Oh, yeah. Don't ask me to RP with you for fucks sake.



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+MII IN THE MIRROR+ by ChosenMii

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