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Let's do Doom pt3: Cacodaemon

I always though the cacodaemon looked rather silly in the original Doom. In Doom 3 the design was a lot better, but they just ended up beign rather unremarkable, although unnecessarily hard to kill, because most longrange weapons in Doom 3 were borderline useless.

The yellow bloated things are supposed to be some sort of floatation bladders, that are full of gas and whatnot, and popping all three drops this sucker into the ground. It will then proceed dragging along the surface with it's tentacles, blasting electric-bolts and whipping at the player mercilesly.

What monster to do next... Suggestions?
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I bet he's popular with schoolgirls
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VERY creepy/scary! I would NOT want to see this in any dark area!
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They made the classic design work in doom (2016)
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They sure did prove me wrong ^-^
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The Demons in Classic Doom look cartoony because excessive detailing (uses your eyes or whatever) is too expensive at the time i think.
This is my favorite design of the cacodemon. And I would like to see a 3D model of it.
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Thank you. If only I had the time to work on some 3D-models :C
Try to find some time to do it please.
I was always amused by the fact that old cacodemon was literally just a head they cut off a pic of a dnd monster. I was underwhelmed by the doom 3 version but yours looks better, tentacles make anything better.
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Before the new Doom game is released, you should send in your designs and see what they think. I'd love to have this thing stalking me down a dark hallway. :D
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I think it's a bit late for that. But thank you for the kind words. Not long until DooM 2016!
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I can hear the sound of fanboys saying that this copying from the Tyranids or Zerg.
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I'm not that familiar with the franchise in question. So they might have a point, however accidental the resemblance might be.
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Just saying. Anyways, I like the redesigns a lot. The Demons look much more intimidating to face.
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Thank you very much ^-^
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Very nice but I think it should have it's old eye with pupil and all.
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Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!
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Great redesign as always!
Speaking of cacodemons... what do you think of the new Doom 4 design?
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Thank you very much. I'm actually digging the look of Doom 4 quite a bit :)
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I think they're great too.
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Not too rendered or too loose.
Such a lovely piece!
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