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Let's do Doom pt10: Lost Soul

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The most degusting and scariest version of Lost Soul in DOOM, I really prefer the original version in the first games or in the extension of DOOM 3 Resurrection of Evil
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Thanks. Cheers o/
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The horns and especially the partial spine make this a better design than just a fiery, floaty head alone.
I think it will look way scarier if the eyes were purely black, like in doom 3, nice job anyway.
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Thanks for the feedback. Cheers o/
bigton's avatar
I love that it seems positively depressed at its situation, screaming and crying as it lashes at everything that opposes it. Like it's still got a bit of its human self in it somewhere, held down by the forces that control it.
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That was the general idea. Cheers o/
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I still remember playing Doom 3 for the first time and seeing these guys. Couldn't even go to the bathroom without holy water and a double barreled minigun chainsword.
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Haha. Never hurts to have some heavy ordance lying about ;)
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Honestly the lost soul from Doom 3 scares the shit out me.
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They were sort of spooky, yes.
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This looks really nice. I love how all of the bone parts of the soul are cracked and charred. It really adds something to the design. :) 
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damn that looks good enough to be in the games concept art Clap 
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Why thank you good sir. Such heartwarming words. Also, thank you for watching. Cheers o/
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legendofspyrothedrag's avatar
anyone agree here with the pure fact that these dudes are the most FRUSTRATING enemies in the WHOLE doom series? :frustrated:
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As long as you have ammo, these guys never prove to be a problem. Just target the Pain Elementals first, so you won't end up with a severe soul infestation.
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The horns. are. BACK! X3

I agree with your previous reply to someone else that the exectution of their idea in Doom 3 didn't sit quite right. This idea definately brings back the old nostalgia. :3

Also: I like how you seemed to make the lost soul...cry? I don't know if that was on purpose or not, but it fits really well. :3

And ewwww the teeth and tongue. XD

Mechanubis's avatar
Thanks. I still need to work with the horns. Have to make them look more practical and menacing, while retaining them from tearing the poor ol' Pain Elementals rose-pink cheeks open upon emergence o.O I'm thinking something like a coiled mountaingoat horns :3

It's a "lost soul". I'd imagine he/she'd be slightly sad about being, you know, dead and senteced to hell for all eternity.

Thanksies ^-^
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Yeah, it seemed strange that he could spit them out without causing self-injury. XD Maybe the lost souls form once spit, rather than inside the jaw? :P

Haha, indeed. XD

Welcome. :3
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I actually was thinking about replacing the lost souls with something else. Like this guy would spit out a bunch of cocoons or something that would then hatch and some other type of horrifying beast would emerge from them o.O
JarODragon's avatar
That sounds even more annoying and creepy than the Lost Souls. XD
Sigfriedofgaea's avatar
You even implemented a spine!
Sigfriedofgaea's avatar
That's a combination of the classic Doom and Doom 3 Lost Souls...

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