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Let's do Doom pt:13 - Mancubus

With this one, I can sort of live with. I'll do some more scetching before the 3D model. The fuelpack needs some more lovin' <3

I struggled with the head a LOT. So thanks for Bokhaj, Dracon-Dragon and other watchers for their input. I made the eyes a lot sadder than rest of the Doom demons, plus I sort of broke it's jawbone, as if it had been stuffing way too big cheeseburgers into it's throat. Also to emphasize how damn fat this bloke is, I made the skin split in the middle, as if it no longer could dontain it's massive guts.

You can't spell Mancubus without "Man"! Long live us fat blokes!
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That looks amazing!

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Remember the Grimace? This is Him Now
Machines are one heluva... machine
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Seriously though, Imagine the Grimace as a mancubus, that would be horrifying
It's shooting at you with that patrick-star type grin
What ever happened to the Grimace anyway? Did they just forget about him?
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You are huge!That means you have huge guts!RIP AND TEAR!
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And who says Doomguy hasn't got a scientific bone in his body!?
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Amazingly , this fat fuck is even more disgusting than what Doom 2016 gave us
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hi bro is so fantastic, what is the tecnic for draw? 
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Thanks for the kind words. I have a short tutorial here…
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Wow! This is an amazing redesign for the Mancubus; looks SO much better than the Doom 3 redesign. Apart from the eyes, it looks strikingly similar to the one from the newly released DOOM in 2016. I know this was drawn a few years before that, so its a cool prediction!
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Thank you very much. The Mancubus in the new Doom is cool as hell \o/
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i adore this mancubus!
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One of my fav, maybe the fav of this series from you. Just the backpack and those beautiful looking weapons with glowing energy is great. The split stomach and skull like head are beautiful touches from the originals' gas-mask look.
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Thank you very much for all the kind words. Glad you like my Doom-stuff. Cheers o/
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Mmm... cheeseburgers
what I hated about the mancubi in doom  3 is that that those freaky little cherubs showed up wherever they were I hated them cherubs annoying and freak
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They should have replaced the cherubs with Pinkydemons. That way you could have lured them into the line of fire and mancubi would have solved the problem for you.
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This doesn't quite look like a cow-hippo XD
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Haha : D I'm glad it doesn't ^-^
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