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Let's do Doom pt:11 - Spider Mastermind

Like the Cacodaemon, I decided to deviate a lot from the sourcematerial for a number of reason. First and foremost, I wanted to create a significant gap between the Mastermind and the Arachnotron. Second of all, I wanted to give this guy a lot more imposing appearance, thus making it more like a Centaur. Then I replaced the minigun (which in this case, would have been located in this guys crotch) with mounted dual pulserifles! Because if there is anything more awesome than miniguncock or rocketlaunchertits, it's dual wieding pulserifles! I'll work on the butt some more when I'll start working on the model itself. Now it looks way too normal. Need to make it look hellish and sick.
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Not bad, but a spider woman would be sexier...



Bi-HanMK's avatar

that spider mastermind would look good in doom 3 very good

Mechanubis's avatar
I think Id has proven they can design awesome monsters themselves. But thanks, friend-o ^-^
PrussianInk's avatar
I really love how alien you make the robotics on all the cybernetic demons, like it was designed in hell for them. It's kind of a refreshing change from the other fanartists who seem unable to convenience a technologically capable Hell :P
DragonesSaurusRex's avatar
Looks like the newborn alien
Mechanubis's avatar
Now that you mention it yeah, I can see that. Cheers!
2000daggers's avatar
ah this is gunna be a visual feast!
Yu-Gi-Nos's avatar
I agree, this IS a more intimidating design than the brain with legs :)
Mechanubis's avatar
Thanks for the kind words. Cheers :3
TheIVHorseman's avatar
jesus, it actually looks like a cyborg spider, good job :D
Mechanubis's avatar
Thank you very much for all the kind words friend. Cheers o/
YuraofthehairFan's avatar
this has to be the best spidermastermind idea I have ever seen
Mechanubis's avatar
Gosh. Thank you so much for the kind words :3 Cheers o/
GodKingErebus's avatar
Pretty good looking mastermind, way better than the one from D1 and D3.
Yes there was a version of the Mastermind in D3 but they cut it off.
LordOmegaZ's avatar
one question i always had.

where do the LEGIONS OF HELL get machines and guns? o_O?
firestriker's avatar
Maybe like the humans, the demons have their own technology besides dark sorcery.
Mechanubis's avatar
Corrupt gun-lobbyists?
LordOmegaZ's avatar
sounds legit ^w^
Now this is pure gold. ID must hire you quickly. You have talent and imagination.
Tell me. Do you like the Quake Saga?
After see this you can made a new look for the Stroggs.
Mechanubis's avatar
Thank you very much for the kind words. I've played my share of Quake, yes, but don't really have that much love for the series.
PatricktheHenchman's avatar
he kind of reminds me of a cyborg hybrid of Kumonga and Orga
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