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Let's do Doom Pt5: Cyberdemon

Turned out crap :/ But I was tired of redoing this piece for the umpteenth million time, so whatever.

Am I the only one who loved the "Oh shit!"-sensation when you one of these bad boys appeared out of no where, and you'd desperately tried to hit the 8-key while simultaneously ran around the level like an idiot, trying to dodge the incoming rocketfire?
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Remind me what the 8 key did?
Mechanubis's avatar
Brings up the BFG
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Ohohoh that's cool!
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If a Doom 5 Ever comes out, which very well may happen in like 10-20 years, You gotta work on the Demon designs. This is just amazing 
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Well, you got your wish, Doom Eternal is coming out and it looks DOPE.
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Aww. Thanks :3 I think Bethesda has a damn good grasp of the demon designs, so I'll concentrate on enjoying their games. But thanks again <3
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I will shoot at him
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know this is likely a few years old but this looks cooler then 2016's versino of the Cyber demon ;)
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Eh, close enough. :P
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*Smashs through wall*
"Surprise short ass!"
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why does this remind me of something i saw in a blizzard game, what was it?

it was diablo 3 and i love it :3
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You would be perfect for ID Software
Also it is annoying hearing the footsteps of the Cyberdemon nearby "Oh shit he's here..." take out a BFG and your out of ammo ;(
Say you ever thought of doing a 'Gotcha' Level between your Cyberdemon and Mastermind?
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Thank you very much for the kind comments. Cyberdemon fights are the shit, dawg B) Would be fun to do my version of CD vs. MM fight, but it'll have to wait, just like every other plan that I have in store :D Cheers o/
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Oh shit! Walk into a room full of hell knights and a cyber demon.
And this is an awesome design!
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Thank you very much :)
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I think i would've appreciated ol' cybie a lot more if he (and some of the other Doom denizens) looked more like this. Many of the D3 monster designs seemed rather uninspired compared to the originals. Would be cool to see some of these modeled out and dropped in game... :ahoy:
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Thanks. I have a few of these monsters modeled. Just haven't gotten around to rigging the damn things :P
what do you think of the cyberdemon's design in the new doom trailer that came out a few days ago?
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Brutal as fvck! A little upset that it was just a pre-rendered trailer, but then again that seems to be the thing nowadays. I'm sporting a massive boner for the next Quakecon, tho :3
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Awesome! You throwing em into D3 or something else?
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Propably not. I'm not familiar with exporting animations into engines. Nor animating for that matter.
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Ah- I can understand that- they are headache's unto themselves. I used to plink around with Doom back when I was in college, it's importer was... finicky, but I managed to get some stuff working. Just took a few weeks of abject frustration and some reading (hoping the new one'll be a bit more forgiving). I would suggest trying out animation though if you ever get the chance (and if it's not too forward of me to suggest that). Always brought me a perverse sense of pride to see my creations up and moving around (and in the case of in-game stuff, chasing me ). Might be fun

Cheers :ahoy:
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