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Let's do Doom Pt2: Archvile

Archvile was without a question the most badass of all the monsters in Doom 2. To me, they are one of the finest examples of enemy-design, not because of their looks, but because they actually changed the entire flow of combat. Not only can they set you on fire with their will alone (which forced you to stay ot of their line of sight) but they also resurrected the enemies you spent so much time, affection and bullets to slay. This put them on top of the target-hierarchy. It was crucial to wipe these bastards out at any cost as soon as possible. That's some top-notch enemy design.

I went for a different look altogether. I wanted this guy to have sort of a clergyman-thing going on, so I made his skull resemple a pope's or a bishop's hat. I also added a huge skirt made from human-flesh, to create a sense of some type of disturbing fetishistic insight, so that he's not just a beast, but a sentient and self-aware entity. This also gave him a more distinguishable silhouette from rest of the humanoid beings.
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Looks kinda 
like the summoner from doom 2016, which isn’t that surprising since the summoner was basically the archvile replacement for doom 2016 
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Aside from my personal favorite demon the Revenant, the Archvile reigns
number 1 on my top 10 DOOM demons list.

You did an amazing job this, I love it :)
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Archvile: Wumpis Macgumpis
*demons resurrect*
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His head looks like a mitre. 
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That was the idea ^-^
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Better than the Summoner.
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I liked the summoner in the new Doom. But thank you :)
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the color palette of the summoner and your design is surprisingly similar tho, like holy shit
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Ooh, this one feels alot like the art direction in the new DOOM. Especially since the demons now have more complex backstory and even society...
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It's 2016, new Doom came out and the Archvile looks just like this! 
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I don't think it's THAT close. It was a cool enemy tho.
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I find it interesting that your interpretation of the Archvile is very similar to the one shown in the 2016 game.

Still looks badass though
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Haven't seen it yet. No spoilers please :3 And thanks
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It only made a brief showing on the Doom Launch Trailer. Still waiting for the game to be released. >:(
I was hoping to doom4 have an arch file that look like this and they have it in spirit !
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Thank you for the kind words. Here's to hoping for the glorious return of Doom!
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they have archviles... search for the newest doom trailer ;)
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the moment i saw this i instantly thought of those imp shamans from diablo 2
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With the abilities and overall royal/regal looking design, it's really reminiscent of the Kantus in the Gears Of War games.
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Well Kantus is akin to the Archvile when it comes to enemy design. Both resurrect fallen enemies and are a pain to kill.
One thing I'm noticing through out all your doom art,
is that every creature feels a bit more iconic.
This a great example of that, the archviles in the games are a bit bland,
where as this design is definitely a lot more interesting, great job!
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