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I see you are Doom fan, just the person I want to talk to.
I own and played both Doom 3 games.

I know Doom (2016) was suppose to be a direct remake of the Classic Doom but I feel it's more action than horror.
I'm sure it's a fun game but I like the Doom 3 more. It's more suspenseful and more story-based. Like you walk into a dark hallway or next door not knowing if a demon may jump out at you.

From what I've seen in Doom 4/2016 the player, Doom Guy/Doomslayer just run away killing demons left-and-right. More fast-paced.
I feel Doom Guy more of a 'Mary-Sue' like nothing can hurt him, making the player feel invulnerable.
In Doom 3, with darkness and hideous demons, it makes you feel vulnerable.

The Demons and Hell in Doom 4 don't look scary as Doom 3 in my opinion.
I don't know how to describe it. They look more 'alien-ish' than demonic. And look 'retro' or like from rock album art cover or fantasy RPG games.
I suggest going to the Doomworld forums if you wanna discuss with people about things like this.
I'm pretty sure Doom 4/2016 is meant to be a Sequel to Doom 64.

I dunno I could be wrong.

Have any of you played Doom 64?
My reading was that Doom 2016 was a return to form. Original Doom relied heavily on fast paced action, relentless onslaught and Heavy Metal aesthetic. Doom 3 took a detour around the pseudo-horror junction to varying degrees of success. As for the Mary Sue-comparison, the Doomslayer did a piss poor job of carefully removing the lenses from the argent energy filtration system.
Even in slow-pace like Doom 3, I am a poor player. I froze each time an Imp throw a fireball when I should dodge.
I still remember in Hell in Resurrection of Evil, a Hell Knight slowly approaching me, I repelled all its plasma balls throw back at it with the leviator gun then I panicked when it got too close.
That's the kind of scary I was talking about.
I don't think I can beat a Hell Knight at fast-pace in Doom 4.

Yeah... He got issues. I do not know what say for that.
Thanks for the watch and favorite!
Np. Good stuff in your gallery :3