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Cyber -SD by 35-Elissandro
Cyborg-Girl- Sci-fi-- CYBER-SD-01-02- Adobe by 35-Elissandro
CYBER-F-X-41 by 35-Elissandro
-Cyber-Girl- 2018 by 35-Elissandro

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Cyber -SD by 35-Elissandro Cyber -SD :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 37 3 Cyborg-Girl- Sci-fi-- CYBER-SD-01-02- Adobe by 35-Elissandro Cyborg-Girl- Sci-fi-- CYBER-SD-01-02- Adobe :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 55 8 CYBER-F-X-41 by 35-Elissandro CYBER-F-X-41 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 85 18 -Cyber-Girl- 2018 by 35-Elissandro -Cyber-Girl- 2018 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 112 14 PROJECT -SD by 35-Elissandro PROJECT -SD :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 89 30 Cyber Hand 2017 by 35-Elissandro Cyber Hand 2017 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 110 18 Cyber FX_SD by 35-Elissandro Cyber FX_SD :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 132 9 PROJECT -X-.SD by 35-Elissandro PROJECT -X-.SD :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 145 22 Cyborg Girl 2 by 35-Elissandro Cyborg Girl 2 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 188 35 Cyborg Girl by 35-Elissandro Cyborg Girl :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 158 14 PROJECT -X.SD_Black and white by 35-Elissandro PROJECT -X.SD_Black and white :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 156 6 Cyber SD_40 by 35-Elissandro Cyber SD_40 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 308 36 36 - SD .  2016 by 35-Elissandro 36 - SD . 2016 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 101 9 Bionic SD40 by 35-Elissandro Bionic SD40 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 41 6 PROJECT -X.SD by 35-Elissandro PROJECT -X.SD :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 265 30 Cyber-39 by 35-Elissandro Cyber-39 :icon35-elissandro:35-Elissandro 180 19


Think before you submit.
Try to only submit the deviations that you think are your strongest works.
Also, we will not accept your submissions, try to limit your submissions to the ones that will leave an impression on people.

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tractor by paltarashka4411
Cyber Dragon 01 by Centum
504 by Centum
Orca by Spacesam
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No Life Forms Detected by GrahamSym
Jjjjj by rubbe
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military robot concept by Eon-Works
SOLO OF FORTUNE - Issue no.3 by Grebo-Guru
Blade Runner - Roy Batty by William-Oliveira
Heart Bit by adoomer
You are Terminated by ModernCrusader287
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Yuki Onna by GOSHSEIKO
Cybernetic Nightmare by Vonkor
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mekanixa - odessa by zeruch
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Cyber Arms
Tetragrammaton Clerec Gun by AlphonseCapone
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Speed painted gas SMG by torvenius
Conceptual mechanic think
Hybrid by GrahamSym
EPIC SCI-FI ART (imagineFX tutorial) by moonxels
character girl sci fi by SergioGM
Matrix by housewave
Battle Angel Alita - GUNNM
Battle Angel Alita by daekazu
cyber kitsch
cyber goth more by digitalheart95
Tech  Brushes by Tazni
The Inbetween Warrior Final by TargetView
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ChristopherLine Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup, dead group. My submission just expired.
ChristopherLine Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dead group?
attofishpi Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
My cyberpunk novel is FREE this weekend Sat 1st June to Sun 2nd June.

First 5 Chapters are available on my website with link to download:…

The year is 2105. True cyberspace has begun in the form of the neural-net, where humans interface their psyche to a virtual world. Helix Carone, a key programmer for the company that created the neural-net is now on the run, having sold the companies source-code on the black-market. He’s hiding out in the LA Fire Zone, an irradiated area now infested with tech gangs and littered with societies outcasts. 

Once financially able, Helix plans to get his biometrics altered and return to ’utopian’ society, but then something throws his plans into chaos. Alpha Two, an android built by the same company has escaped from the Lunar One research facility and is being hunted by the International Security Agency.

Helix alone knows who is responsible for the android’s sabotage and in time he will join its mission and discover why...

Cbp Alphatwo by attofishpi  

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - also I only have reviews on the .au and .uk domains so would love to get some on .com
r-o-m-y Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
im a cyberpunk artist i would love to know more people

CyberpunkGirl 8-Bit by r-o-m-y Cyberpunk Rimith by r-o-m-y
shintani Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
check out this old mashup
Robot Twisted Face by shintani
AvantiNostalgia Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Is this group active?
My submission expired.
amazona2016 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017   General Artist
I used to love this group so much now it seems it has been abandoned? All submissions expire...
amazona2016 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016   General Artist
I have submitted art here but my latest submissions keep expiring? Is the group still active?
AvantiNostalgia Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Is this group active?
My submission expired.
RadVisual Featured By Owner May 2, 2016
CHECK OUT and LIKE! my new FB page:"

thanks! :)
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