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I've completely sold out. I opened a Zazzle store to sell t-shirts with my graphic designs on them. I'm also creating snarky greeting cards for various occasions.
My latest project is a multimedia narrative website, basically a web comic with multimedia elements in a film noir style.


Trailer on YouTube:
Contrary to my original intentions, I haven't updated this account much in the last 3 years. It's time to play catch-up, I guess.
I hadn't submitted much to DeviantArt on my old account, Smokerscoughjoe, lately. My creativity was falling behind my inspiration, as usual. I decided it was time for a change, for an overhaul. This starts with a new, more appropriate account name. I don't care if I lose my old account stats or comments anymore. I've learned recently to let go of many of the old conventions in my life that I allowed to hold me back. Regret and holding on to things that no longer matter are two of the conventions of which I've decided to let go. I used to get frustrated when I saw work that others created that was so much more impressive than my own. I've been learning to get over this and focus on what I can do. I don't expect anything I create to be profound, prolific, or financially profitable. But that's not what I'm here for anyway. I can take comfort in knowing what I am not.