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Ezelet and Neytalari by emyolwen
The Hills by emyolwen
November walk II by AzureFantoccini
Black butterfly bjd by Thelesia-08
General BJD Pictures 2018
Iplehouse Akando BJD by Pepstar by PepstarsWorld
Needs a name by ValA8057
General BJD Pictures 2015-2017 FULL
An deiner Seite by annagiovannini
Cute Yuki by Pikkochan
Raving Hippie by Gothic-Flum
George: The Journey by level-13
Pre-order 19cm tiny dolls by Rosen-Garden

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IN STOCK - Nari and Iris 19cm ETSY by Rosen-Garden
For Sale 002 VOLKS BLACK CHIFFON DRESS SD16 GIRL by fransyung
For Sale 002 VOLKS BLACK CHIFFON DRESS SD16 GIRL by fransyung
Tutorials - Workshop - etc.
BJD wheelchair WIP: Hard parts lay-out by PuppitProductions
Doll pillows by thehobbypanda
BJD shoulder bag by thehobbypanda
BJD wheelchair WIP: tire casts vs prototypes by PuppitProductions
BJD Art - Story - and pics...
Johann 4 by fransyung
Johann 3 by fransyung
Sweet Strawberry by KupcakeKitty
Bed Time by KupcakeKitty
Hujoo - Pullip - AG
Tree Cat by KupcakeKitty
Big Bro by Pelusita-Fideos
My first BJD repaint! by Evilunicorn97
Waterfall by KupcakeKitty
Obitsu 60cm to 45cm - DollfieDream - SmartDoll
You are challenged by Young Couple Eiji and Ruby! by P-Chan93
PEPERO by P-Chan93
The Yukata by P-Chan93
Myosotis by Ushi-de-Bray
Obitsu 30cm - Azone - and similar
Hi~ by Aggie3684
Out in Big Open World by KupcakeKitty
Wizaring Warters by KupcakeKitty
Before and after by Thelesia-08
Monster High - EAH -Customs
EA: Blondie Locks custom doll as Star Butterfly by Nefrit
MH Dracolaura repaint Dark Mistress by Nefrit
MH Draco...Lora H. Kitty by Nefrit
Fir fairy - monster high custom by fuchskauz
Concursos - Contest
Christmas Drawing! by TheMushroomPeddler
Ok, let's get over this one more time!, whit feeling!
We are very tired of people submitting on the wrong folders. Sorry but that is the truth :(

Monster High dolls have a folder for them. PLEASE. DO NOT SUBMIT Monster-High DOLLS ON THE "General BJD Pictures" FOLDER. -- Same goes for PULLIPS, EAH dolls and DD or similar dolls. EACH HAS A SPECIFIC FOLDER that we care to make specifically for each doll, so newcomers and general people can look up the dolls they want and find them easily.

We know many consider MH/EAH dolls to be "ball jointed dolls" or DollfieDream to be "Ball jointed dolls" or HUJOO ABS Plastic to be "ball jointed dolls" and in a way, THEY ARE, we are not discriminating them but giving them his own important personal folder. Not because we want to "push them away from the BJD tag" but because we embrace their uniqueness in each way!

If you have any 'art and conceptual picture' of your doll, that goes into "BJD Concept Art - and pics...", and so on, is REALLY simple! c'on guys! :( The names on the folders are quite clear, ans still, we have to spent time each day correcting submissions until we realize almost all submissions where on "the wrong folder"... :'(

PLEASE-PRETTY-PRETTY-PLEASE, we honestly don't know HOW to say this anymore... so unfortunately we have to take some actions, and from now on members who spam -pictures of the same doll wearing the same clothing/wig/eyes/etc. on the same place/pose-, and members who -put their deviations on the wrong folders- will be BANNED at least for a time until they understand how important this is for us... :(
We are pretty against this, it was not at all the original intent for what the group was made up, but since we started warning users about things like this and they ignore our repeated requests over, and over and OVER again, despising the increasing restrictions we had to implement over time to show them -we where serious about this- and -we are very short on staff and just want the group to be in order-, they continued making the same mistake over and over again and ignoring the warnings "because there was no consequence at all".

We like members to participate, but we need a minimum help to keep the group in order, and the only thing you need to do when submitting is doing it in the right folder and/or don't put a 10 pictures in a row of the same doll. We understand everyone loves their doll, and we encourage creativity and love above all, if you don't have another doll or don't have more clothing for the doll that's OK, but you can make a change on the picture so it doesn't looks exactly the same in a different angle, even using the same cellphone camera (or any cheap camera), and using the same LOCATION and doll on the pictures, even then you can change his/hers hairstyle (even with a fur wig, use a 'toothbrush' for styling), and even if the body is 'a horrible poser' you can still try at least to make variations on the position (use a wire frame inside the doll or just use your imagination and part of the background to help the doll pose better and different on the pic), we don't cut nearly anything on this group because we want it to make it free and accessible to everyone regardless of their personal believes or choices, we are completely recast friendly, "cheap-doll" friendly, legit-and/or-expensive friendly, non-resin friendly... I mean, c'on guys! just a bit of help out here! :(

Thanks for reading.

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English: We trust our deviants to know the basic rules, no insulting or fighting, no offensive submissions, and those kind of things, that's why we won't mention them again.
Thank you for reading! :thanks:

Español: Confiamos en que nuestros miembros conozcan las reglas basicas, nada de peleas, insultos, entradas inadecuadas y toda esa clase de cosas, es por esto que mantendremos las relgas al minimo y no las volveremos a repetir.
:target: PORFAVOR NO HAGAN SPAM EN LAS CARPETAS con la misma muñeca en fotos similares o casi iguales una y otra vez. PORFAVOR! --- USEN LAS CARPETAS CORRECTAS O SERAN BLOCKEADOS!!! PORFAVOR ENTIENDAN ESTO! :(
Gracias por leer! :thanks:




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[-Se tan amable de tener este texto como referencia de que cosas encontraras en cada carpeta del grupo-]

[-Please be so kind to have this text as reference of every folder so you know where to submit your picture or deviation-]

:target: CARPETA: ~ Featured
Estas son las fotos mas apreciadas que se muestran en nuestra pagina principal. Las mejores y mas selectas fotos de BJDs de todo el mundo para poder disfrutar siempre del mas refrescante arte y fotos de nuestros miembros. Esta carpeta fue cerrada del uso publico ya que todos querían participar y subían fotos de otras carpetas a ella mezclando todas las categorías. Esperamos sepan entender.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ Featured
This are the most cherished pictures that are displayed on our main front page. The best selected pictures of BJDs all over the world so we can always enjoy of the refreshing art and pics of our members. This folder was closed from the general public since all the users where submitting here everything and we didn't had the time to run and correct every submission to the right folder 24/7....hope you guys understand the 'why' of this decision.

:target: CARPETA: ~ General BJD pictures
Esta carpeta posee el resto de las fotos de BJDs de resina (unidos con elasticos internos) enviadas por nuestros miembros. Aquí encontraras un display de fotos graciosas o diarias, de BJDs de todo tamaño y tipo siempre y cuando sean de resina.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ General BJD pictures
This folder holds the rest of the pictures for resin BJDs uploaded by our members. Here you can find a complete display off all funny or regular pictures, mostly from all BJD sizes and types.

:target: CARPETA: ~ 'VENTA - SALE - TRADE'
Esta carpeta esta dedicada a publicar artículos que estén a la venta (ya sean BJDs o ropa y cosas relacionadas como servicios, comisiones, pre-orders etc.), por favor si ocupan este espacio háganlo con cosas que estén vendiendo. Cada miembro del grupo (usuario de DeviantArt) se hará cargo de lo que publique y de el desarrollo de la venta, nosotros no somos responsables. Solo facilitamos una vidriera para que se muestren las cosas, pero no intervenimos en caso de ninguna de las partes. Gracias.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ 'VENTA - SALE - TRADE'
As the title indicates, this is the "Sale-Trades" folder (links to eatsy shops, store-envi shops, ebay auctions, personal sales, DOA sales, swaps, trades, commissions, etc.). This folder will be active and you can submit anything you might be selling related to the type of dolls allowed on the group (from resin BJDs to fashion dolls or accessories, and more). Although we want to make perfectly clear each item and each seller it's responsible for it's own actions and items. We only display the sales, we don't take part on them and we don't have any responsibility whatsoever on the good or bad outcome of any transaction, so please, if you're not sure, visit the seller feedback on other sites or ask him/her to provide a valid place where you can see some sort of feedback so you know who are you dealing with. And remember if you have any question just ask! :)

:target: CARPETA: ~ Tutorials - Workshop - etc.
En esta carpeta encontraran trabajos a semi completar. BJDs siendo armados, guías sobre como realizar ropa, modificaciones o pintar cabezas y cuerpos, fotos de trabajos y comisiones terminadas, etc.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ Tutorials - Workshop - etc.
On this folder you will be able to access many different types of tutorials and pics on some WIPs from different users. It was made to help people do things or get new ideas, from photography tutorials, resin color comparison and makeup or clothing tutorials for our dolls to "how can we actually do a doll from scratch".

:target: CARPETA: ~ BJD Art - Story - and pics...
Aquí se puede ver: Arte conceptual de BJDs, Dibujos de BJDs, Cosplays de BJDs, Foto-historias, Historias escritas, GIF.s animados, Perfiles de personajes, Fotos de dueños y sus BJDs, Fotos de reuniones, Fotos de 'box-opening' (cuando llegan los BJDs y abrimos la caja). Es una carpeta bastante amplia pero reúne en una sola sección el arte de la vida cotidiana junto a los BJDs y el hobby de 'entrecasa'.
:target: FENGLISH folder: ~ BJD Art - Story - and pics...
For us the story of a doll can be showed on many ways, is not only the photo-stories, the texts and the profiles,'s also the pictures of their owners and the nice experiences you got on the way, box openings and also doll-meets. We consider all this events in fact actually do the story of a doll, not only the fictional character but the story of the item itself.
This folder contains pictures, and drawings relevant to dolls. Concepts, artistic cosplays inspired by BJDs (or the other way around). It implies mostly all the art based on the dolls of our members.

:target: CARPETA: ~ Hujoo - Pullip - AG
Esta carpeta esta dedicada a las denominadas "muñecas cabezonas". Principalmente de la marca HUJOO, pero también Pullips, Angel-Gate, Taeyangs, Isuls, Blythe, etc. * Pedimos encarecidamente a los miembros con Pullips y Blythes que NO ABUSEN de esta carpeta, hemos tenido muchos problemas por esto antes y ahora lo estamos controlando mejor.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ Hujoo - Pullip - AG
Here you can find the "big-head" (or ABS plastic, not resin) group dolls like Hujoo dolls. You can also find 'Hujoo pets' and 'Hujoo proportional dolls'. Mainly the folder was dedicated to Hujoo's, but there is also a place for other dolls or customs (Pullip, Blythes, Taeyang, Dals, Isul, Byul, "little line" and 'Angel-Gate' heads for example...). Please (particularly) Pullip and Blythe owners, do not SPAM your dolls even if this is the right folder (we had lots of problems about this in the past and we hope we don't have them again).

:target: CARPETA: ~ Obitsu 60cm to 45cm - and - DD
Esta carpeta es para todas las muñecas de estilo "Anime/Manga" de tamaños grande. Son generalmente de vinilo con esqueleto interno de plástico duro. Pueden ser Obitsus grandes o Dollfie-Dream (Volks), también PARABOX y todo lo que entre en esta categoría. Smart-Dolls tambien van aqui. :)
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ Obitsu 60cm to 45cm - and - DD
Here you can find all "anime like" big dolls with internal PVC or plastic/acrylic "skeleton", and made of soft vinyl on the outside (older versions of DD are welcome in this section). Originally this folder was to hold all "big size Obitsu" (from 45cm up and taller to 72cm and up) but we have find out not many people has big Obitsu dolls now it's a place for also Dolfie-Dream (DD), Smat Dolls and similar types of 'anime features' related dolls that might come in the future.

:target: CARPETA: ~ Obitsu 30cm - Azone - and similar
Aquí encontraran todo lo que es escala 1/6, realizado de vinilo o plástico mas similares a las figuras de acción pero aun con el espiritu del "custom". Principalmente Obitsus (de los 11cm a los 30cm), pero también Azone y otras marcas. Pueden tener ojos colocados o "pintados", pelo esculpido, "cocido" u pelucas chicas.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ Obitsu 30cm - Azone - and similar
Here you can find all 1/6 (1:6 scale) dolls. Mainly Obitsus (from 11cm to 30), but also Azone or other dolls (even the custom ones) who fit on this scale. Usually made of hard plastic body, eyes can be painted or 'acrylic/glass' like "fit on sockets". Hair can be rooted, sculpted, or the dolls can use a wig.

:target: CARPETA: ~ Monster High - Custom
Todas las muñecas "Monster High" van aquí. Personajes repintados o con cambio de pelo, no importa, si es MonsterHigh o ‘Ever After High’ y similares va en esta carpeta. También las ‘BratzillaZ’ y las ‘Novi-Star’. Actualmente NO estamos aceptando ni ‘Barbies’ ni ‘Princesas de Disney’ porque ya hay muchos grupos dedicados a ese tipo de muñecas exclusivamente. Si tiene dudas consulte.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ Monster High - Custom
All "Monster High" or "Ever After High" dolls goes here. Custom or not. This is a folder we have included in because of the popularity of this dolls on the custom market since they're mostly customized in many ways using "the good old BJD makeup process". Includes Batzillaz dolls too, and every 'monster/fantasy' doll as such *** as long as it's NOT "Barbie" or "Disney" princess (too many groups out there already dedicated to this type of dolls).

:target: CARPETA: ~ Concursos - Contest
Como indica el nombre es un espacio para que los miembros del grupo publiciten si tienen concursos o para utilizar en caso de realizar alguno nosotros. No somos responsables por los concursos realizados por otros miembros del grupo, artistas, individuos, companias de BJDs, etc, etc, etc. Si tiene dudas, consulte.
:target: ENGLISH folder: ~ Concursos - Contest
Like the name of the folder indicates this is for contests of any kind or giveaways. We hold no control over the outcome of such contests and every person, company or store advertising and organizing each contest can promote it but we have no relation to them. If you have any question just ask.

</B>Cualquier duda ante cualquiera de las carpetas pueden consultar libremente aquí mediante una pregunta. /////// Any doubt you might have over the folder sections you can just ask and we will reply as soon as possible.</B>
Esperamos que disfruten su estadía y nos dejen saber que opinan! :thanks:
We hope you guys enjoy this group and let us know what you think! :thanks:






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