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Robert Morris's video work will be featured at PURGATORY this weekend, along with Voltaire, Brothers Quay, and other amazing filmmakers.

DAMNED proudly presents a new exhibition of Cinema and Theatre called Purgatory. Held near halfway (6 months) to DAMNED and Devil's Night on May 20-22 2010 at Detroit's Hastings Street Ballroom, Purgatory will present 28 short films deeply introspective, beautifully disturbing and darkly enlightening subject matters from filmmakers local and worldwide.  This is not an industry-focused horror film festival, but a tributary showcase of the often redemptive films from the filmmaker's personal damnations complimented with live experimental performance art on stage during intermissions.

Confirmed special guest filmmakers include: The Brothers Quay, Brian M Viveros, Voltaire, George Higham, Till Nowak, Daniel Askill, Tsubasa, Tomek Baginski, Noam Abta, Yuval Markovich, Robert Morris, Robert Morgan, Bogdan Borkowski, Daniel Zurawski, Patrick Rea, Billie Mintz, Jeffrey Timmins and more...

Michigan special guest filmmakers include Jeff Bloomer, Mike Dereniewski, Robert Joseph Butler, Louis Kerman, Sean Hages, Courtney Spivak, Ryan Burtney and others.

New experimental performances by Satori Circus {All Sat}, Warrior Girl {All Fri}, Xaina, Marcus and more.

Gallery cross media installation by Detronik Surveillance and Studio-X.

Join us in Purgatory as we celebrate within a lush ambiance inspired by film's golden age with Devil Girl usherettes, candy girls and servers along with complimentary gourmet popcorn and specials on refreshing absinthe {and other mixer} slushies!
Limited $10 advance tickets ($15 at the door) are now available online or at Noir Leather (Royal Oak), Showtime (Detroit) and V-Male (Dearborn Heights).  You can also bring in cans of protein (meat, beans, etc) for the Burners Without Borders Detroit food drive and receive good karma plus a $5 discount from the door rate!  A matinee will be on Saturday at 3pm with no live performances for $5 advance or with canned donation.  There is no dress code and 18+ are welcome.
Also, fan us on the Purgatory Facebook Fan Page!

Special and most gracious thanks to our guest film curator Les Barany (NY)!
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