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Bulbasaur Collab

A while back :iconrynies: uploaded a bad ass sketch page [link] of some realistic pokemon renderings.

Being a huge pokefan of old, a bulbasaur man, and a prick too lazy to draw his own damn lineart, I couldnt resist vectoring one of them.

Original Sketch: Rynies
Colors: The Mechanical Pumpkin
Made in Ai cs4, with the ol' pen tool, and the shape tool.

Alternate color version, because I never can decide [link]
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das so realistic
to realistic
realistic than Ken's art D:
realistic than realism
realistic than bulbasaur
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how cool is that :)

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Very cool, nicely done.
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dkfsddsh this is amazing ;; I love all the extra details and effects you put into this, and those colours are simply divine ~ I like the orange version too <3 it makes bulba stand out a bit more. But they're both perfect. I need to use my charm and wit to lure you into-- I mean beg real nice and bat my eyelashes so you'll make more pokemon things mmmm :9
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I fucking hate trying to pick colors. I love psychedelic shit, but also muted monotone crap... makes my life hell. But I'm glad you found them acceptable.

Psh, no charm or begging required. Eyelash batting is always welcome though :lmao: I haven't drawn shit in ages, so it may as well be pokemanz.

It's been a pleasure stealing yo- I mean working with you :)
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Cleverrr! :) I like it a lot.
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Thank you, not really my idea though, I just did them colors
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