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Ok let's try this again
Long time no see

I mostly use tumblr nowadays to host my art so you can catch me posting art and animations and other things  over at these places:

YouTube: corvidkatana
Tumblr: corvidkatana
Twitter: corvidkatana
Instagram: corvidkatana
So I've decided to no longer use Deviantart.

I'll still catch up on a few notes about commissions before I go  but otherwise, you won't really see me here no more

things are just either dead here or far to argumentative and I really just don't enjoy the site here (you've probably noticed I'm very dead on this site and update rarely)

most of the people I grew up with here are gone too so its a sad site for me to be on 

I'm still totally available on tumblr though and active pre much all the time so feel free to follow me and talk to me on their  I upload all my art and gifs there too so youll still see art from me!

well its been fun guys but all good things must come to an end it seems

good bye
Firstly, Thank you everyone who participated in my survey! you all  have been a great help I need all the information I can get for this project, I will send you all a personal thanks when I have the time but for now hopefully this will do.

for anyone interested, i could still use loads more to build up a good statistic so if you have the time please think about filling it out for me, you can find the survey here: mechanicalmasochist.deviantart…

thank you.

now in other news I plan on updated the RiaL forum in anticipation for the first issue release,  though I can't be active myself right now I will be accepting new moderator applications and updating the site here and there where I can, feel free to check it out and help revive the site, I'll be posting a lot of news about the comic there as well as sneak previews of printed pages i won't be posting online!  mechanicalmasochist.deviantart…

when the comic is complete it will also be available for digital download for £1.00/1.67USD a lot cheaper than the printed version!

speak to you guys soon!
Hey guys! so I've been asked to do a survey on Anthropomorphism in relation to Rats in a lab as part of my Uni course

So I was hoping some of you guys would be interested in lending me a hand!

I've uploaded the survey here as a word document!:

if you want to help, just fill it in then email it back to me as a attachment at : (or upload it to filedropper yourself and sent it  via note here!)

I'd be ever so grateful, the survey also asks for your opinion on the direction and issues the RiaL story will tackle so if you want to see something in particular  here's your chance to let me know!

I'm really behind on work now since I've been sick all week (lost my voice still) but I'm well enough to work now so  I can work on Rial stuff again! this survey will help me know what direction to take so thanks!

if you can't download the file for some reason, just copy and paste the text here and fill it out however you want and send me it via email or note!:…
twitch plays pokemon:

Okay I'm all for anarchy but stuck in the safari , if we waste all our money we won't be able to do anything and will ultimately never beat the game
so please guys come spam democracy until we are out of the safari zone and have surf

Anarchy is great for times when we need to battle and  move fast but democracy is the only way to overcome obstacles and puzzles we must work together it is the only way!

Our lord helix would not want us at war but in unity our success is all he wants!

(so basically democracy means its a voting system for commands and anarchy is a free for all but in the safari zone you have a limited number of steps and have to pay to get in each time you run out, we cant afford to run out of money as it'll be game over and obviously with anarchy that's what happens so we need more democracy voters to get passed this point and have a shot at completing the game, you vote by typing in commands in the chat its free to sign up and really quick, if you haven't heard of Twitch play pokemon before, well its basically several thousand people playing the same game of pokemon red at once!)
something Ive touched on before but I was wondering what peoples views were on it or any stories youd like to share, I love hearing from fellow kin and even more so helping people understand the subject ^^
So I want a pair of lynx ears and a tail,
I found a nice ear set online but they are pricey and have no matching tail…

so anyone on here good at making ears and tails, or know someone who is? please share as I'd love to get myself some
looking particularly for a set modelled after a eurasian lynx will pay up to £30 (thats 49.21USD) for the set or more depending on quality

So I broke up with my boyfriend of 1 year

it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, despite all our problems I still loved him but we just weren't right for each other and it was causing me a lot of stress.

if is very upset about it but asked to be friends

I'm upset too I don't like hurting people or being the bad guy but ultimately I know I had to be selfish, I have to think of how I'm handling things and he just misunderstood too many things about me , like my anxiety, depression and beliefs and likes and interests.

so yeah kinda feeling awful today

sharing with you guys since Da is my last safe haven from people in reality

My 3Ds friend code, mainly for pokemon!:


please comment with yours below if you add me so I can add you back

Well I still have plenty of prints left over from Animeattacks so i will now put them up for sale here

If your interested in purchasing any please sent me a note and we shall discuss it!

I will only accept paypal payments!

if you are wondering the quality of the prints here are some quick while cutting them out with my phone(not best quality camera):…
they printed really well and are roughly A4 in size

prints will be available cheapest as paper prints (very flimsey) and  priciest at laminated (keeps them from getting dirty and plastic coating always look nice!)

now on to pricing!:

A5 prints
these are printed on card paper.

I have the following prints available in A5:

prices: $1.00(or $2.00 including post and packaging)

or $3.00 (including p&p) for all 3

A4 prints
these are available as plain paper prints and  laminated or mounted on thin card

I have the following prints available: (the printed version has a background you cant see here on the digital one)


paper prints (sold as a set):  $2.00(or $3.00 including post and packaging) this will include all 5 prints printed on plain paper

laminated prints: $2.00 each ($3.00 including p&p)

set of 5 laminated: $7.00 ($8.00 including p&p)

card backed prints: $1.00 each ($2.00 including p&p)

set of 5: $5.00 ($6.00 including p&p)

additional  information: all prints are signed on the back

well thats all I have for sale for now, feel free to message me if you are interested and I can give you my paypal and get your prints shipped away!

So for Uni before I go back to continue working on my comic they want proof it is something with an audience that can be sold, so I need you guys help
please pick one of the answers found on the poll below:…

if you can't post on the poll for some reason please post a comment here on why or why not you will be buying the comic once its up for sale

I would have liked to have the finished version up for sale sooner but alas a lot of technical written work must be done first.

thank you for your help!
I love the new pokemon game so much yes good ;w;
journal erradicated
reposting this as its really far down on my journal list and I just re opened commissions! (wanting to buy my rats a playpen so they can go outdoors and run around indoors more often)


I also sell T-shirt designs on redbubble so feel free to check out my designs and tell what you would like to see added to the store!…

So Commissions as suggested a few weeks ago are now open:

art commissions:

fullpaint drawing commission:
4.81 USD
3.75 EUR


Mature Content

becoming the apex predator by mechanicalmasochist
Ripper-Commission by mechanicalmasochist killing time by mechanicalmasochist

without background
3.21 USD
2.50 EUR

without shading and background (flat colours):
1.6 USD
1.25 EUR

photoshop/flash drawing commissions (these are more expensive and can be printed at a higher quality if you wish to have them printed they also take more time)

nothing is quite as rare by mechanicalmasochist Night and day by mechanicalmasochist how I learned to fly by mechanicalmasochist

shading and flat colour (no background):
7.69 USD

(for two characters in same image )
10.77 USD

full image with background full colour and shading:
(NOTE: the examples here aren't of the length but of the quality only)
video commissions:

1 minute full coloured video:
24.04 USD
18.75 EUR

1 minute black white and red (this tends to end up being a lot more frames because its easier in black and white)
19.23 USD
15.00 EUR

PMV/ still picture video 1 minute :
6.25 EUR

prices may vary based on complexity and the amount of characters
if you are interested in any of these please note me
I will only accept payment via paypal 

thank you
okay, finally got a script finished for the extra RiaL pages should get them finished soon,

it tells a bit about the characters I think rather than just moving the story line along~

as for my commissions, I am closing the £1.00 commissions! I will still try and get a few done but I got so many messages and I haven't been very active, I can only really take so many (6 at the most its a lot of work!)

I will reply to many as possible but if you don't hear from me via next weekend chances are slim I'll reply

not that I wish to upset anyone but gosh I just got such a big response I simply cant reply to them all, please don't be upset it doesn't mean I dislike you  or don't want to do your commission I just don't simply have time for all of them.

please try to understand,  thank you!

>after next week i will be going back to normal commission prices which are easier to handle as get more moneys worth out of my drawing hours and feel less, worried about taking many to make a decent profit of course I put a lot of effort into full priced commission more so than cheap ones because well, you are paying more for them of course!<

if you are British like me.

Okay so I'm at my wits end in need of money here
I don't think i have to tell you how bad it is because i think everyone has felt the crunch lately of money problems, but its getting to the point where I cant afford food for my animals or myself (I'm actually out of rat food and have been sharing food with them)
my parents cant help either as my dad (due to a wrongly signed medical note, has been out of work for little over a month)

long story short I could use some quick cash

so every other night for a limited time I'll be opening these sorts of commissions

if you want one note me

you must have a paypal since i can only except paypal payments
wait till I have replied to you before sending your payment to my paypal, then tell me your paypal when you do send it so i know it was you who sent the money

I'll then work on your commission right away  after money has been sent and confirmed


you'll be getting something like this of any character of your choice be it your own or fan art or whatever as long as I can draw it: 


thank you!
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So again I will be attending anime attacks in october in gateshead (UK)
But this tie I really need the money as we have come into some financial problems and it would really lift some weight if i had even a small bit of income.

So I will be selling prints at this convention like last time but I havent started on any artwork for it yet so any suggestions?

last time my best selling print was  my legendary pokemon one: 

which I will probably sell this year as well since I am  still happy with it (despite one rude comment I received from a person at the con who told me they did not like the realistic style on zapdos wings and only the original pokemon were the best)

but any suggestions on what I could draw and sell this year?

like last time I will be selling prints online too only this time I think i will put them up on ebay to make things easier

prices will be as follows (not including p&p)

A5 prints: £0.50

A4 prints: £1.00

A3 prints: £1.50

keyrings: £1.00/£1.50 (depending on size)

(also will do custom keyrings for £2.50) (these will be open as soon as I get some printer ink, unless you want a hand drawn version which will be open as of now-note me for details)

(if I have enough money to reprint RIAL I will also be selling copies for £2.99 each of issue 1 which will include 3 extra pages not seen online, but I will mention more on that once I have copies complete)

I am in desperate need for money right now as we are suffering some finical problems which have left us behind on bills most of this money will be spent on my animals such as bedding and food since I pay for them myself.

finally any art I owe people please comment below sine i'm aware i still owe someone for a moxie salamence and wish to get owed art out the way before starting sellable art

(also should mention if I meet you at a con and you know who i am you get a free sketch because that's awesome if you know who I am!)

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About time I had a fresh journal no?

I am glad to say the guy in the cockatiel incident has been reported several times to the local RSPCA by those ho had the photographic evidence to back up their claim his account has also been deactivated on DA so atleast he has been removed from this community.

though any of his 'friends' are still harassing people who reported him and claiming the event as false despite the photo evidence that many of you witnessed as well as myself.

but I guess that's how it goes.


I hope I never have to see something like that posted on the internet again, I am only disheartened that this ever happened in the first place.

But if any of his friends are harassing you for helping report him  just block them as I feel at this point they will not quite and many of them seem to ignore the fact that this was a serious case of animal abuse.
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{{{{EDIT:}}}}} He is  currently claiming that all he did to the bird is 'annoy' it, though I'm sure many of you that have seen the evidence  are aware that was not the case
he also claims 'people on skype' pressured him in to it, however that is no excuse, you don't have to do what people tell you.

however hew is also threatening to kill himself on his current livestream, thus I urge you not to encourage this behaviour and do not visit his livestream.

(we also  have enough evidence to report him thanks to this tumblr user:…
please I urge you to report him  as the more people that inform the authorities the better chance we have of preventing this from escalating

(the tumblr user above has provided a link of where you can report him and has the photo evidence you can send with your report, which I believe she will send you if you need it to back up your claim)

Okay so I am never one to chastise people know matter how mean they are too me personally.

however this is not okay,
see this deviantart artist here
no, this sad excuse for a human being, has been sexually abusing a cockatiel on livestream

someone posted stills from the graphic event on Tumblr which I regrettably stumbled upon while searching the cockatiel tag:

EDIT: looks like someone got the graphic images taken down (thank you-whoever that was)
but this event still happened and this guy still used a live cockatiel as if it was an item to be used for sexual pleasure
and that is not forgivable.

thankfully this  good person on tumblr  got some evidence saved and it turns out this animal abuser also has a youtube account as well as livestrea and DA :…

I am literally too angry to form words, about this person if you can even call him that

now I wouldn't normally make journals like this or share such graphic things, but this is animal ABUSE and someone needs to report his ass for cruelty.

I am so sickened and angry right now...

I can only wish the worst on this person.

if anyone has a livestream and can report him there or know of any local animal cruelty orginizations you could inform that would be great
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  • Watching: Transformers: Prime
  • Playing: PERSONA 3 i swear
  • Eating: my brains out
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So this has been an issue for a while now  and I'm still not sure if I should be worried yet or not

but my corn snake, wheatley has been off his food for quite some time, roughly just over a month

he is roughly 2 years old (can't say exactly since I can't really remember when I exactly got him.)

he still drinks and seem pretty active  though of recent he does seem to have lost some weight which is why I'm concerned.

he just shed yesterday as well so I'm going to try feeding him again on the weekend but I doubt he'll eat as I have offered him a mouse every other week in hopes he'll eat it.

if he is sick my main concern is the closest exotic vets is several miles away which would mean I would have to get my dad to drive me their and although i get some money this month my parents refuse to believe anything is wrong unless an animal is dying since they dislike me spending a great deal of money on my pets (mostly because they like to borrow my loan money from me often)

so any ideas on what I can do and how worried I should be would be appreciated.