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MINT logo designs

Nope I still don't have a working computer at home.
this is college stuff thus I'm on a college computer so I can upload that at least.

(I'm not gonna ask why my deviant art is Bane themed though XD)

Some Logo designs done in college for a local company,
this was a live brief so someones logo in our class will be used for the real thing.
the company is a council run youth project for the arts (including film making theatre and more)

the client wanted something clean , modern , contemporary and youthful.
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How can i contact you about getting a logo made?
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Good work, Thanks for sharing...
You Can Download Free PSD Logo Templates From: ❤❤❤

It's Exclusive, Check it. :)
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Wonderful work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
may i know how to make logo like this? thanks :)
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Cuz we is mint ! >u<
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I like all of them, they're cool!! :happybounce:
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I like the second from the top on the right, and the right bottom! I hope one of yours wins! They do look professional! XD
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(thats how i read it) I liked 3 and 7 the most, but good luck!
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1, 3, and 8 are my favourites :) Nice work, hope your computer gets fixed soon!
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Huh. Somebody in my class invented "Bacon Bars"
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These designs are really neat! <3
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6 and 7 are my favourites. Nice work!
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I like 6 through 9 the best. ^______^ Very cool stuff here.
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the one with the sideways M and the one thats all brown except for the i are my favourites....which one was used?
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The last is the best.
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I lie the one one bellow the first one :3 Good job.
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I love the first one
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Doesn't this work perfect with my username? ~
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I like the logo with the single green I. It looks professional with style to it as well. I hope they pick one of your logo designs :).
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I like number one and seven
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Dear god you are good at logos.
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