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I do.

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Some  veganism/vegetarism  support art.

the idea popped in my head  and I had to draw it out.

gained inpiration from the song "meat is murder" by The smiths.

hmm seems  I've started a debate war!  

now now calm down.

instead of reading a mass of comments how about watching some documentaries on our food and animal rights and deciding for yourself what you believe?

here are some useful documentaries and videos!:

Earthlings: (WARNING: very graphic and violent content nothing is sugar coated)

Food Inc.… (this one focuses more on the effects this is having on humans and how scary and powerful the meat industries are it explains why nothing is being dine about it) 

Turkey abuse:… (this one has some vegan propaganda at the end as it is posted by MFA (mercy for animals) but it shows the abuse on turkey farms again graphic)

Happy Egg co scandal :… (shows you how strong the lies of the animal product industry are, happy egg co, a company that talks about their hens welfare being of upmost important has been exposed as nothing special and still keeping animals in horrible conditions) 

reading material:

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

(this book is great for its like of bias, it has interviews with happy farms, interviews with slaughter houses, animal liberators  and even a vegetarian who works as a cattle rancher) 
the whole book  exists simply because the author wanted to know where meat cae from, so he would know what he was feeding his son.
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SachinAmateurArtistStudent General Artist
Basic compassion grasped by no one.
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POC-bartProfessional Digital Artist
Ok buddy, while you're eating your carrot sticks I'll just sit and enjoy a big african american friendly bucket of KFC(tm) popcorn chicken
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I think I know why we eat sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs (I'm a carnivore btw). I think it's because they are somewhat stupid and can't really do anything.

Horses can carry people and cargo much faster than a cow or a sheep. You've never really seen wars fought with cows or sheep now have ya? Horses or elephants are fast or can take a lot of hits.

Dogs and cats could be used to guard your possessions back in the day, or if your a tribe be a small defender. Dogs can bite people, and search buildings and rubble for people.
Cats could get the bugs and birds wanting to eat your crops.

Mules and llamas fall into kinda the same region as horses. They can carry a lot and are better for carrying stuff up mountains.

Meanwhile a cow is kind of dumb and slow. An elephant was kind of smarter, and could take a lot of shots before it fell. A pig is small and can't really support the amounts of cargo that were needed back then. Sheep have uses for clothing. There is a lot more bang for buck when it comes to sheep thanks to them being easily farmed. Not a lot of spider farms now are there?

Chickens are big (when compared to crows and pigeons) birds and really cannot fly that much.

Im not trying to bash anyone just stating a theory I've had floating around for a while.
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Cows are NOT dumb. I hate when people say that...
And pigs are smarter than dogs
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DarkVikingMistressStudent Writer
Dogs, horses and cats still aren't that intelligent when compared to humans. You wouldn't mistreat them because of that though I'm assuming? 

There are plenty of fairly unintelligent humans with low IQs in the scheme of things, but if you argued that they should be treated lesser because of their intelligence, to most people it makes you inhumane. 

That's not to mention that the only reason dogs, cats and horses are able to have the skills you mention is that humans often had to train with them for a while before they learned them. Pigs and cows can actually be very intelligent, and they can be kept as housepets within the same capacity as dogs, cats and horses. You can also teach them tricks, and they will attempt to communicate with you and have bold personailities just like any regular companion animals. I will concede that less intelligent farmed animals, like chickens and fish, can probably not do the same, but I don't really see that as an excuse to eat them, at least IMO.
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gardenbirdsHobbyist General Artist
I am a vegan for almost entirely that reason. After I watched a documentary called Cow spiracy, I made some huge changes in my diet. And after about 3 years of research my mom figured out that the government says that meat and dairy are just as bad a cigarettes. But the meat and dairy industries are secretly paying the government to be very "hush hush" about this information. Meat and Dairy are also the main two causes of cancer, and can cure some sicknesses.

More info can be found here: also the documentary called "what the health" is a GREAT documentary and I highly suggest it along with cow spiracy.
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Cowspiracy is a garbage source and so are What the Health, and nearly every vegan documentary. People have been eating meat, dairy, and eggs for ages and cancer started becoming a problem less than 100 years ago. Processed meat like cold cuts and factory farmed stuff is less than healthy. Wild game and open range is far healthier. Many vegans also live healthier lifestyles such as exercising, getting enough sleep, seeing the doctor regularly, not smoking, not drinking booze or soda, not abusing drugs in general, and most live in better places. Plenty of cultures past and present have sustain on meat heavy diets and were/are very healthy. No vegan culture has been found. Most vegans quit after a few years which makes me wonder if you're still vegan? Animal foods are healthy and vital to health but they must be sourced and raised right.

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Razorbill1Student Digital Artist
I think that everyday.
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woodenfiberglassHobbyist Digital Artist
not in particular which is why don't eat them. To eat death from a machine's hand is distasteful and disrespectful to the life that was ended, if I'm going to consume the life of a beast let it have died by my own hands so nothing may be wasted.
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n-iou Digital Artist
i god damn love meat
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SachinAmateurArtistStudent General Artist
Your friend Hannibal wanted to let you know he was throwing a party. Your dead family will be there:)(Triggered? how vegans feel every day)
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TheSatanicVeganHobbyist Writer
* More reading Material: "The China Study" by Colin T. Campbell
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TrottingPerytonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Colin T. Campbell badly botched and misrepresented the actual study. His book is cherry picked with bad methodology and erroneous conclusions. It does not match the actual data found China-Cornell-Oxford study. Plenty of other more scientifically minded and statistically sound people have debunked it.…………

Campbell is more interested in building up his ego and this ideology than actual truth and the book he wrote belongs in the fiction section because it rehashes the same half truths and outdated claims that give the readers wrong ideas and keeping us sick via malnutrition. No population has sustained off of veganism generation after generation and very few have pulled vegetarianism off.
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gardenbirdsHobbyist General Artist
That's a GREAT one
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No it's a terrible one. Read Deep Nutrition or the Vegetarian Myth instead.

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dragoneye98Hobbyist General Artist
One: I love this art! Amazing work
Two: I can't help but laugh at these comments because they're so hypocritical Comme
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I feel terrible for those animals, bet if humans didn't have any big machines to capture them they'd get beaten up by cows/chickens/lambs/pigs/etc. 
I always say the worst animals, are humans. 
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EliseoIrlandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
So many butthurt people in the comments. Go research it instead of crying abut how good meat tastes and how you couldn't lie without, or better......not comment at all.
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We can comment what we want. And I choose being ok with my morals over than have a good taste for 5 minutes.
Also vegan stuff can taste great, too
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IrritatorRajiHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm an animal lover who eats animals. I take care of animals but I also eat meat. Nothing wrong with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I am glad you don´t love me.
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IrritatorRajiHobbyist Digital Artist
Bruh I don't even know you, what kinda weird ass comment was that xD
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"an animal lover who eats animals§ please think ybout it^^
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IrritatorRajiHobbyist Digital Artist
Yup.... I'm an animal lover.... who works around animals... who eats animals...

It's not a hard concept to grasp.
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