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The Ultimate Fountain Drink

I title this "Like a Crooked Brooklyn Bridge Over Uncola Water" or "The Ultimate Fountain Drink."

This image is for the Dr. Pepper mural contest. To me murals should be very visual and I tried to make this draw as fun to look at as I could. I usually draw landscapes, so this was a bit outside of my comfort zone because I had to use a ruler (gasp!). I hope that you guys enjoy this one.

PS- You can ignore the dark line at the bottom of the image. My scanner is dying and leaves a purple stripe down the side of every image.
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Thank you!  I don't log on much anymore.  Sorry for the late response. 
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I love the surrealism of this piece! It's fantastic: completely whacky and abstract and Escher-esque. The colouration is great too: matching & complimenting the Dr Pepper shades with a few touches of brightness here and there, just to liven up the picture without breaking the image.

There's so much to look at: the flow of the Dr Pepper going upstream, aliens with rubber rings, a gui standing on a DP bottle containing a ship. Very creative :+fav: :D
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It's funny how much people like this one. I don't really care for it much. The Statue of Liberty is the thing I dislike the most. Her robe doesn't look believable to me. Fabric is difficult to do as are people in general.

LOL... share a secret time: The surrealism is aided by the fact that I'm terrible at proportion, Hahaha.
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I always love a bit of surrealism :) I think Salvador Dali was a genius with it and a brilliant artist. There's a really cool gallery exhibition on him and his work in Berlin - really worth a visit if ever you head to Deutschland! :D I don't know, she ain't so bad, Miss Liberty. Adds a touch of patriotism to the picture, if you like. And what other giant monument is better than her to be taking a sup of Dr Pepper?

Haha! That's the way to make the best of a flaw ;) (Although I've not thought your artwork shows bad proportion.)
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This is an interesting idea, yet not very well crafted compared to the others.
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Thank you. I have a difficult time with people (and aliens) that's why I draw trees and clouds better - they have no real proportion. :)
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You show good potential, like you would see in Mad Magazine, but a few levels below novel cover art, which should be your goal. I never got to that level, but I could given enough time. Although there is not enough money in it, so I gravitated to functional metal art, where I could make a decent living. We all need to discover our niche.
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Definitely one of my favorites on here. I was trying to do something similar to this. I had an idea to do one like an Escher piece of art with the endless stairs, but I am too lazy to focus time on the detail. You however are not lazy, and did a bad-ass job my friend! :)
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Thank You very much! :)
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i think you have a pretty good chance in getting up there in the top three(:
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Thank You! I can't lie, I hope I do! Thank you again!
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this is pretty cool~
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