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I can't believe I made a reference to the horrible Cabin fever movie [link]

As you might know Blood is my favorite game and after playing some Zblood I came up with this. The Zblood mod is good, but they omitted some weapons and actually the choking hand isn't there either, but they gave you chainsaw which is utterly useless, because 90% enemies have ranged attack.

The cultist's says this: "pestis cruento vilomaxus pretiacruento" which means something like "Blessed order blood heaven!"

Blood (c) Monolith

Previous strip: [link]
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Crudux Cruo!! :dummy: Maranax Infirmux!!
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In marana domus braava crunatus! (Aspoň myslim, že to bylo takhle. Psal sem to po paměti.)
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[link] - tu máš jak preklad tak hlášky čo drýstali (nižšie) aspoň väčšinu
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At least that hand doesn't look as horrible on face as those slimers do in Duke Nukem 3D :XD:

Pretty cool comic based on a great game :)
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Thanks :), but I think I should redraw the last panel it doesn't look right.

I haven't played Duke Nukem 3D very much (but I played the hell of DN2), I don't think I've ever seen the slimer enemy. What does it look like?
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you're welcome :)

I've played the hell of DN2 too, it was my favorite game when I was younger. Same with DN1.
This slimer-enemy looks like this when they get on player's face: [link]
This sight left me traumas when I was younger :XD:
These enemies also appeared in DN2
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Ah, it looks quite nasty. For some reason it reminds me of facehugger from Alien.

Duke Nukem 2 was one of the earliest games I've ever played. I was so happy when I managed to get my hands on physical copy of it.
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Yes, and especially when you see that in a big monitor. And that's true, they have gotten the inspiration for these straight from the facehugger from Alien.

We never had DN1's and DN2's own copies but we had the copies that came with DN3D's cd-version. They both were one of the earliest games I ever played as well, but the very first game I ever played was Commander Keen episode 4
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Maybe you could throw the chainsaw at them, or attach it to a long stick or something.... =P
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Chainsaw on a stick? Now that sounds hilarious :D
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Ugh... Cabin Fever... >.<

Remember that pancakes kid?
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Yeah, that was the worst scene I've seen in a movie.
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