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Blood comic- Page 3

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And yet another page done. I think people who played the 1st Blood should know what's about to happen :p

Blood is (c) not quite sure now, used to be Monolith Productions
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:/ hmm, kde je Ishmealov vyberaný humor? Také reči by som čakal skôr od Gabrielly.
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Chtěl sem ho udělat trochu vážnějšího, aspoň v tom momentě.
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Ooh, language, Cabel ^^

Also, it's interesting to note that the upside down crucifix is actually the personal Cross of Catholic Saint Peter, which was somehow adopted by satanists as as the symbol of the dark arts and/or the devil :>
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Caleb is a bit hot headed.

Interesting to know that the inverted cross wasn't always symbol of evil. Now when I think about it, there's no inverted cross to be found anywhere in the game, there are only normal ones. But it fits in the whole dark cult scenario.