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Blood comic- Page 2

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Inbetween the events of Blood 1 and 2 the character of Gabriel went trough sex change without explanation other than "It's a long story", so I took the liberty of removing it and making the character female, because it's a little bit more developed than the male version, that basically just appears and gets killed. She's gonna get killed pretty early too in my story, but I'll at least put in some flashbacks, so she's not completely useless.

I've just submitted all the pages I've had pre-made. I wish I could submit one page per day, but it's not gonna happen as I'm writing script and drawing at the same time.

Blood is (c) umm.... it used to be Monolith Productions, but now I'm not sure
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Pretty good comic :D
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Omg Til what part of Blood are you going to cover?
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I'm going to cover the events of Blood 1.