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Blood comic- Cover art

EDIT: Added shadows and adjusted Caleb's skin color to match with the cutscenes from the game.

Here's the comic: [link]

Mature content for all the blood. Just playing it safe.

Considering how much of a failure I am at comics (none of my attempts lasted very long), I've decided to give myself another chance.

This is basically gonna be retelling of the events of the first game. But wait! The game's '"story" is just an excuse for bloody carnage. Well, I'm gonna take the very basic structure of the story and fill it with more details, but also keep the gore at decent level to make the game justice.

Now, considering the school stuff and the fact that I like taking my sweet time, I cannot tell you how often will I update this. Just saying. On a side note, this will be a grayscale comic, that way I won't have to bother with mixing colors.

Blood is (c) Monolith Productions
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p3rsh1ng's avatar
Mám dojem že kabát mal rozopnutý.
MechanicalFirefly's avatar
Ve hře jo. Ale já bych řek, že si ho může kdykoliv zapnout.
p3rsh1ng's avatar
Potom už nepôsobí tak ležérne a otvorene :)
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Ah yeah, good ol' fps gaming.

I'm wondering what would happen if they made another blood...
MechanicalFirefly's avatar
As far as gameplay goes, I bet it would be your typical modern FPS just with bit more gore.

But unfortunately that's most likely never gonna happen as Monolith doesn't own the copyright anymore and whoever owns it now doesn't do anything with it.
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It looks like something Todd McFarlane would make.
Alvin-Row's avatar
Yeah. Think about it. Spawn gets resurrected and goes into a bloodbath, like Caleb.
Wakko666's avatar
Caleb would own every character in spawn, "When you get to hell tell em I sent yea, you'll get a discount"
MechanicalFirefly's avatar
Oh, see I'm not familiar with Spawn at all. (Not a comic book fan).
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