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Happy Holidays!


:holly: It's that time of year! :holly:

The annual DeviantArt Holiday Art Swap was inspired by the original event over at PencilJack, and its time for the 2011 event!

Let's get this bit of holiday cheer started! Spread the fun!! Spread the word!!

How It Works

:bulletred: You can sign up to participate while signup is open. After signup closes, the names will be paired off. The pairs are picked from a very cute little snow cap. :aww: I hear kittens and cookies are involved too but that rumour has yet to be substantiated.

:bulletgreen: Then you get together online with the member you've been paired with, and mutually request something that you'd like each other to draw/write/create. It's your responsibility to get in contact with the person you're paired with. If you can't reach your partner within a week or two, please let us know. If we can't reach them we'll try to find a replacement (sometimes we have latecomers who would like to participate, or others whose partners can't make it). And please remember to check your messages after the pairs are posted!

:bulletred: The goal is to complete the gift for your partner by December 25th, but the official deadline is January 8th, 2012.

:bulletgreen: When December 25th rolls around, everyone can start posting their gifts here on DeviantArt and we'll feature thumbnails. When you post your gift for your partner, please comment on this journal with the link so we can find it. Putting "Holiday Art Swap 2011" in the deviation keywords can help us find them too.

:bulletred: An optional part of the gift exchange is to ask for a mailing address for your partner. When you're done, if you are willing and able, something nice to do is to mail the original (or a digital print) to your partner as a holiday gift. A tip is to email them a scan, so they can see it and also in case it gets lost in the mail! We understand that some countries are expensive to post mail from, or that the service may be unreliable, or just that you might not be able to afford to mail something out. That is why this is optional, but encouraged. The reason is the awesome feeling you give a fellow artist when they open their mail and see something that you made just for them.

:bulletgreen: This is for fun, it's not a contest. But you and your partner will be getting each others work, so please keep this in mind and don't let your partner down by flaking. Other than that, skill level doesn't matter, its the thought that counts! Keep up the holiday spirit!

:bulletred: Spread the fun! Spread the word! DeviantArt members can sign up for it, they just need to comment on THIS journal in order for me to put their name on the list.

:holly: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :holly:


magp13 & JasonTormos
Jadeit3 & xxzzozonexx
insane-ukulele & ParisAlleyne
darkdaysartist & chris-foreman
Cnids & SirGreendown
smifink & JWadeWebb
Optimistic-Coffee & petitepurrito
1pen & shaotemp
Exergys & RVeldhuyzen
Robo-Bug & SeanRM
despojo & moehawk37
GrnDrgn & LauraInglis
JasonMarten & GizmoNbunny
Meechartz & OsH-Fishus
gwdill & SonofReorx
walcor & JosephLSilver
MarkStegbauer & Fastfood
deberzer & CerealBoyStudios
damzo & hdub7
RoCueto & agpierce
AlonsoNunez & livewiredstudios
Classy-Vamp & JamesWhynotInks
jojoseames & MsRieke
Nepah & FanBoy67
weaselton & TonyKordos
BetterThanToast & josh627
PSOWILL & Ace-Continuado
Arinise & EndlessDestiny
HM-Studios & Crystalomic
TheInkedWolf & natashNAMAC
NF8th-DaniT & NickMockoviak
ultrabape & OptimusOmega
TruthHopeLife & rurunilistic
geezone & PresidentNelson
adriannauk & jigsaw808
anotherfirename & xfadedprimadonnax
Atuki & SankofaRida
pinguino & keh-arts
chiachrome & SDMcCarty
real-tv & MokwaticAmbitions
Korixxkairi & coolestawesome10
ZigZagZombie & theDougArthur
Re-Pyper & EmperorNortonII
ShadowsRsecurity & heroekart
StineTheKitty & DarkVixen28
Master-Mario & valeriehope
The-Sirra & Keiichisfuuma
Automaticize & hr45
OmbraAngelica & luxun666
AshrobFielder & Grace-Dupre

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Hi!! here it is.

sorry about the wait and hopefully they do not delete it again.