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UPDATE 2021: As of May 2021 these rates are no longer valid. A new rates list with new options will be available in the future when I'm ready to reopen.

UPDATED Jan 2018: Updated samples. Commissions are currently closed, though if you would like to be added to my waiting list feel free to contact me (you'll be notified when I reopen). You can also check out my Patreon, where I have some original art rewards for patrons:


Please note the following:
  • The prices below are REGULAR price
  • All prices are in USD
  • These are BASE prices for single (1) character
  • Custom quotes can be worked up for more detailed requests
  • Refund policy: No refunds for customized or original IP (intellectual property) commissions once I start them.
  • Personal/private commissions are only worked on after my deadline-based work (my day job)
  • Prices are subject to change at any time

:bulletblue: SKETCH CARD COMMISSIONS :bulletblue:

Standard-size sketch cards come with a sleeve & toploader. AP CARDS are available on request, rates vary & time for approval may be required

Standard sketch card (2.5x3.5")
  • Inked $30
  • Grey tones or Color $40
Oversized sketch card (5x7")
  • Inked $40
  • Grey tones or Color $60

Marvel Premier 2017 sketch cards by mechangel2002 Spider-Man: Homecoming sketch cards by mechangel2002

Battlevixens sketch card by mechangel2002 Zatanna PSC by mechangel2002 Crossbones and Punisher PSCs by mechangel2002 Castiel PSC by mechangel2002

:bulletblue: SKETCH COVERS :bulletblue:

You provide the blank: $0
I provide the blank: $5 (standard) - $20 (rares)

:bulletblue: SKETCHES & PINUPS :bulletblue:

  • Pencil $40
  • Inked $60
  • Grey tones or Color $100
  • Pencil $60
  • Inked $80
  • Grey tones or Color $150
Full figure
  • Pencil $100
  • Inked $160
  • Grey tones Color $350

Vampirella bust sketch by mechangel2002  Catwoman bust jam sketch by mechangel2002 Custom Winter Soldier bust by mechangel2002 X-23 bust sketch by mechangel2002 Catwoman sketch cover by mechangel2002 Wonder Woman sketch cover by mechangel2002 Batwoman sketch cover by mechangel2002
Rocket and Groot by mechangel2002 Black Cat petplay sketch by mechangel2002  Harley Quinn sketch cover by mechangel2002 Deadpool Agnes Parody sketch cover by mechangel2002 Deadpool movie sketch cover by mechangel2002
PATREON: Razorsharp Sketch by mechangel2002  Birthday Cake by mechangel2002

Bedtime sketch by mechangel2002 Leia sketch cover by mechangel2002 Hawkeye X Alice Cooper mashup sketch cover by mechangel2002 Red Hood sketch cover by mechangel2002

Sweet Halloween Treat by mechangel2002 Seattle Seahawks Sea Gal Pinup Inks by mechangel2002 WWII fantasy pinup inks by mechangel2002 Black Queen pinup by mechangel2002 

Patreon: WoW Draenei pinup by mechangel2002 Harley Quinn pinup by mechangel2002 Custom Doctor Who copic commission by mechangel2002

:bulletblue: INKING COMMISSIONS :bulletblue:

  • Bust $50
  • Torso $80
  • Full Figure $150
Comic book pages & covers
  • Sequential pages: $150/page
  • Covers: Starting at $250

WWII comic 2_cover by mechangel2002  Guinevere and the Divinity Factory 1 page 1 inks by mechangel2002  Fantasy comic 1_2 by mechangel2002  WWII comic 1_cover by mechangel2002  WWII comic 1_8 by mechangel2002
ECCC Seahawks BeastMode Rocket + Groot with Blond by mechangel2002 Home By Midnight inks by mechangel2002 The Illegitimates issue 6 pg 18 by mechangel2002 The Illegitimates issue 6 cover by mechangel2002 The Illegitimates issue 5 pg 17 by mechangel2002
  Nice Notti 'N Nyce issue 3 cover by mechangel2002 

:bulletblue: COLOURING ONLY :bulletblue:

  • Bust $50
  • Torso $80
  • Full Figure $150

:bulletblue: PAYMENT / SHIPPING :bulletblue:

  • To order, and for payment options, please contact me at
  • Shipping varies depending on the size and destination - Free show pickup available if I'm attending!

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