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What's up!

I still find it difficult to keep my sites updated... I've been sticking to whatever is most convenient (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Patreon). I also made the mistake of trying out the new DA Eclipse.... yikes.

Guinevere and The Divinity Factory #1's printing was crowdfunded over the holidays, and is NOW off to the printer! I look forward to having that at future appearances. I've been given free rein with making prints out of the art from the book too, which is great (I haven't had time to create anything new for myself heh). I'm currently smack dab in the middle of White Lily #3, which will be hitting Kickstarter this spring, and  I'm also working on a Marvel project with Upper Deck (that's all I can say for now).

I mentioned earlier that I was taking a break for 2019.... well I'm currently booked for 5 events. There's one more I'm hoping to add (but its in the fall). I really wanted to focus on returning to prop art this year, especially since White Lily will be ending with issue 5. But even more, I wanted to be able to spend time on a new art book and hopefully have it out in time for SDCC.

I haven't had a sketchbook since 2011.... Over the years, I've found myself drawing less and less for myself. Less original art. Less of anything that wasn't strictly for work... so a couple of years back I launched my Patreon. My intention was to both create for my fans and for myself. Patron support on there would be used to block out time in my schedule that would otherwise go to work-for-hire. I'd also have the freedom to experiment with new mediums and tools. I've been posting regularly over there, but its mostly been peeks and advance releases of the work-for-hire stuff -- but no one seemed to be seeing it, despite keeping a lot of the content public and making posts on social media and other platforms (without feeling like I was spamming anyone with it).

I discovered a few months back why that was. Patreon was deliberately preventing access to my public content.

Because I had two pieces with nudity (ironically NOT done as erotic art), and "adult themes" regarding my comics work (there's a BDSM dungeon scene in Guinevere #1 with no actual nudity and only light kink - mild impact play and humiliation content), Patreon turned on the NSFW setting on my account without notifying me of the change (other creators received warnings by email). The NSFW setting completely kills visibility on the platform. A NSFW creator cannot be accessed except by direct link -- and visitors must log in to see what are supposed to be public posts. They don't show up in Patreon's search engine, and public content is not actually publicly viewable (until the visitor logs in, which confirms whether or not they're over 18).

I had originally intended my Patreon to be a private place to post adult art for my fans. But with the lack of time, I had cleaned up my account and made it essentially SFW -- or so I thought -- and I turned off the NSFW setting. The non-erotic pieces I'd left up (in patron-only posts, so not accessible to the public) were apparently too much for Patreon. And since they never made me aware they made the changes, I can only imagine they flipped the switch on me over a year prior, which explains a sudden drop in interaction and lack of views.

It took weeks for me to get anyone from Patreon to respond, and when I finally got someone they tried to go even further and insisted that some unfinished concept sketches and life drawings I had posted constituted nudity.... because I hadn't finished drawing them. They wanted me to remove my page header (which is an unfinished concept sketch) for nudity. The conflict drew out so long that someone from Patreon Trust & Safety actually stepped in and reassured me that wasn't the case, and my header was fine. But if I wanted the NSFW setting to be turned off, I had to delete the posts that they DID consider NSFW and remain free of any adult content for 30 days... at which time I could have them review my page again.

So I have to decide what I want to do with my Patreon. I looked for alternatives.... places I could post what I REALLY want to draw, and have the support for it.... and haven't had much luck. I have a Ko-Fi account, but they have a ZERO tolerance policy for NSFW content.

If you'd like to help me keep creating though, you can find me at Patreon and Ko-Fi via the links at the bottom of this journal post. As I start work on the new art book, I'll be looking to my patrons for requests and giving them access to exclusive content.


Vancouver Comic Show - February 24, 2019
Emerald City Comic Con - March 14-17, 2019
Capital City Comic Con - March 22-24, 2019
San Diego Comic Con - July 17-21, 2019
Kelowna Comic Con - August 24-25, 2019

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Hey guys, I recently hit a small milestone over on my Facebook fan page, and I'm nearing one on my Instagram. Nothing huge, but I've been wanting to do something purely for fun for a while.

So I've launched a giveaway on BOTH, with an original CUSTOM sketch commission (winner's choice, within reason) up for grabs. That's two chances to win.



Just follow the instructions on the giveaway post on both my sites to enter. It closes end of day on Feb 21st!

Happy Christmas and New Year! This season has been pretty crazy, so I haven't been up to my usual plans (this is the first year I completely spaced about the holiday swap :( ). I was super slammed with work, and then late last week we got hit by the worst storm in decades.... mostly wind so it did a lot of damage (it even destroyed the White Rock pier and several boats in the bay). I was without power and utilities for a couple of days, and then without internet for a few more. But it gave me some time to really get out of the house and visit friends and family, which was great.

Ybfg Cover by mechangel2002
I did an interview with the Your Biggest Fangirl​ podcast at Comic-Con International​, featuring Agnes Garbowska​, Beth Sotelo​, EK Johnston, and myself!…

You can also listen in:

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Diana Greenhalgh
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The dormant life it leads can also be mistaken for anti-social tendencies, but it thrives when placed in its home setting, often referred to as a convention (con-ven-ti-on). There it finds comfort in the company of fellow artists (art-ist-s).

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