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The Fallen Pokemon Altaria [Pokechallenge]

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(sorry for the plusle and minun being shitty - here's a better offering, enjoy)

Challenge #3 – The Fallen Pokémon

The Water Electric Altaria - thunderstruck and sad.

The rare result of an older Altaria who chose to sacrifice itself to protect their family from a storm, absorbing the lightning and the clouds, thus banishing itself from the skies. Their mystical dragon legacy allowed them to survive the hit and adapt to their new environment 
 usually lakes, but sometimes even the sea  but made them unable to reach back their families. 

Their new condition and rarity often made people think of it as the Legendary Ho-Oh, the bringer of the sun and rainbows, as these Alternate Altarias absorb lightning and dispel storms 
quite easily, wherever they chose to swim.

ALTARIA [Alternate] – Fallen Pokémon – Water/Electric

Pokédex entry 1: When ALTARIAs coil their long, ribbon-like feathers, they can change the electric permeability of it to transform them into condensators that store electric charges. This accumulation of energy darkens the clouds surrounding them, and a loud thunderclap is produced when the energy is finally released.
Pokédex entry 2: The heavy charges of their bodies tend to disrupt electromagnetic waves around them slightly. As a result, this POKÉMON can never really see its own reflection even though it spends most of its time swimming because its reflection is altered into one big, distorted rainbow glow.
Abilities: Lightning Rod, Storm Drain, Serene Grace (Hidden)
Movepool includes: Charge, Discharge, Defog, Charge Beam, Ion Deluge, Thunder, Aqua Ring, Rain Dance, Brine, Scald, Water Pulse, Featherdance, Sing, Healing Wish, Mist, Roost, Stockpile.

Written by Astheral

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