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Diviner and Troublemaker Pokemons [Pokechallenge]

By Mechamyu
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Challenge #2  The Diviner and The Troublemaker

The Electric Psychic Plusle and Electric Fairy Minun - now multiply and divide themed!

Plusle: The Diviner. They wish to multiply. Ease with divination, future sight, dreams, out of body experience. Aims to help people see for themselves. Not much for an entertainer. Plusle can be alone and deal with their stuff, but they like Minun's driven creativity. They are, however, not blind and they know that not everything Minun say is valid. They see through the tricks.

Minun:  The Trouble-maker. They wish to divide. They harp on Plusle's energy and goal, to dether and prey on vulnerable pokemons and people, to induce false information. They love to make scenes. Minun can't be without a Plusle to boast from. They like to annoy, poke at weaker spirits to abuse their weaknesses, but it's easier for them when a Plusle is around (or other psych pokemon trying to help others) to use that to reach their vulnerabilities.

PLUSLE [Alternate] – The Diviner – Electric/Psychic
Pokédex entry 1: This POKÉMON usually presents itself as a silent cheer, a life coach. They tend to help naïve POKÉMON trainers realize some truths for themselves. Legends say that a Plusle will only truely close its third eye when it blindly believes its trainer's judgement. This is an extremely rare occurance.
Pokédex entry 2: Plusles give a lot of importance to growth, must it be material or spiritual. They magnify the power of everything that comes near them. When Plusles are faced with a particualrily strong ordeal, they band together, and the presence of so many power magnifiers make these otherwise weak POKÉMONs an exponentially growing force.
Abilities: Forewarn, Simple. Plus (Hidden)
Movepool includes: Cosmic Power, Psyshock, Stored Power, Eerie Impulse, Miracle Eye, Future Sight, Calm mind, Magic Coat.

MINUN [Alternate] – The Troublemaker – Electric/Fairy

Pokédex entry 1: They enjoy pranking and playing tricks on others, usually with the intent of making them pass as ridicule, better to prey on their vulnerable selves after. Minuns easily adapt to strike at their foe's greatest weaknesses.
Pokédex entry 2: It tends to be manipulative and destructive because it cannot bear the thought of being alone. They will always try to appear as your only friend to make sure you never leave their side. This POKÉMON is strangely territorial when it comes to people of whose it considers to have ownership of.

Abilities: Frisk, Download. Minus (Hidden)
Movepool includes: Baby-Doll Eyes, Captivate, Crafty Shield, Eerie Impulse, Embargo, Fairy Lock, Flatter, Taunt, Moonblast, Disarming Voice, Play Rough.

Written by Astheral

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