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Alright, I've finally put this thing into words! When I get art block and can't seem to put out dolls for a while, I take a little inspiration from the TV Show America's Next Top Model and make similar challenges for a muses to get inspired and back to dolling. I wrote out the challenges that I'll be doing in these coming months so if you want to participate and have fun - go for it! Usually, I like to start with 12 muses and eliminate one at a time throughout the cycle. You can do that, do more, do less or even just use one muse throughout the whole cycle. If you want to post your creations here, I'd love to see what you come up with!

Round 1 – Daisy Dukes and Boots! (Start with 12 Muses, No Eliminations)

It’s time to meet your muses! They’ve just stepped off the bus and arrived at the house they will share together for the next few weeks (or months) and are met with their first challenge! For their first shot together, they must dig through the clothes they brought and sport their shortest shorts, most fashionable boots and a plain/basic top. This will be your starting point, so there are no eliminations today!


Round 2 – Flowers at the Country Club! (1 elimination)

Now we look to see who has potential. Your muses will be in their very first advertisement selling flowers! There’s a catch – they also must be sporting fashionable Country Club attire! Hike up those tennis skirts, wrap around those pastel sweaters and grab some fresh flowers! Your muses must have some sort of flower prop. The muse with the least potential will be sent home!


Round 3 – Makeovers! (No eliminations)

11 muses have made it through the first 2 challenges and show some potential, but let’s help them out to take it to the next level! Go ahead and give your muses the makeovers of their dreams! Have them show them off in their first swimwear shoot! No muses will go home today!


Round 4 – We Come in Peace? (1 elimination)

Now the competition is rolling. For this prompt, your muses must be styled in alien/extraterrestrial attire and accents! They should look like they just landed on planet earth either to come in peace or seek world domination! One muse will be sent back to their home planet!


Round 5 – All the Glitters Isn’t Gold! (1 elimination)

Your 10 remaining muses will now be showing off… gemstones! They must show off beautiful, but simple cocktail dresses with their chosen gemstone as the main feature. Either a gorgeous sapphire necklace, jade bangles, maybe an aquamarine belt… that part is up to you! Which gem inspires you the most? Here are ten you can use, but other gemstones are great as well: Sapphire, Jade, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Opal, Aquamarine, Pearl, Amethyst, Onyx. One muse will be sent home!


Round 6 – Planetary Perfection! (1 elimination)

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and especially Pluto! Your 9 muses will be assigned a planet that they must represent for their next shoot. What style is entirely up to you! Maybe you go pastel goth, steampunk, or runway? Add your own twist, but the muse that inspires you the least will be going home!


Round 7 – Closet Raid! (1 elimination)

On a little road trip, your muses arrive at your home and are tasked with raiding your wardrobe and creating their own style – with your clothes! Open that closet and drawers for your inspiration and dress your muses in the clothes you own! The muse that can’t pull it together will be sent home!


Round 8 – Seven Deadly Witches! (1 elimination)

With 7 muses left, what better inspiration than the 7 Deadly Sins? For this challenge, your muses must represent one of these sins while dressed in witch/wiccan inspired attire. A Sloth Witch who creates sleep potions? An Envy Witch with a green thumb? Go for it! However, one little muse will be sent home!


Round 9 - Dungeons and Fashion! (1 elimination)

Ready to go slay a dragon? Your 6 muses will be assigned one of the following classes: Bard, Rogue, Mage, Cleric/Healer, Warrior, or Paladin/Tank. They must don the attire and attitude of their class, but make it fashion! The muse who fails will be sent home!


Round 10 – Music Maddness! (1 elimination)

5 muses remain and it’s time to listen to the music! Your muses will be assigned a genre of music to represent in this challenge. Some examples are: Punk Rock, Disco, Hip-Hop, Classical, R&B, Metal, Dubstep, Jazz. The muse who can’t keep a beat will be sent home!


Round 11 – Sweet Treat! (1 elimination)

Who likes sweets? Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream, Macaroons, Pie! Your 4 muses will be sporting lingerie inspired by your favorite delectable treats! The least sweet muse will be going home!


Round 12 – Pretty in Plaid! (1 elimination)

It’s down to the final 3 and things are getting intense! I want to see your muses in my favorite pattern: plaid! Break out the kilts, throw on the tartan pants, and proudly show off your plaid inspired designs! The muse that doesn’t work it will be going home!


Round 13 – Who will be On Top? (1 elimination)

It’s the final 2 and the stakes have never been higher! Your muses have been invited to participate in a gorgeous runway show and formal ball! The designer? You! Show off your final muses in beautiful formal wear suitable for a runway!


Bonus Round – And the Winner Is…

Remake your winning muses in their next style using anything you’ve learned along the way. Maybe they look the same, or maybe they’re completely different? However they’ve changed, they’ve inspired you the most!

Melian-Alcarime Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
This is both amazing and terrifying.
krahka Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This sounds like fun and I like the prompts, but also I did the math and if you did the whole thing as you described, you'd end up making 104 dolls by the end. Which is a lot. Which might be what you're looking to do, just make a bunch and come out extremely good at the end.
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