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   Greetings before I start this review I’d like to say that this review will contain spoilers to the film so if you don’t want to know what happens or major plot details I recommend turning back now and come back after you see the film. Second this is my personal opinion about the film and may not align with your personal thoughts. As I’ve been a Godzilla fan since 1998 my views will be a tad bias and I highly recommend you go see the film yourself and deciding what you think of it yourself. Now then on with the review.

(Spoilers ahead!)

1. The Plot.

   Now many of you may be asking what type of story does this movie tell and what make it different from other films more importantly the other Godzilla films that have come before it. Well first off this film does not fallow in line with any of the other Godzilla films and is a complete new take on the king of the monsters. Second it goes without many of the tropes that have become the hallmarks of the Godzilla franchises. He does not fight any other monsters and there are no over the top effects or story. The whole movies tone and story is handled in a very mature manner in a manner very much like the original 1954 film did. They treat it like a disaster rather than a monster movie where everyone is just screaming and running away. Rather the movie treats Godzilla and his attack like a real world situation and how a nation like japan will respond. This brings us to one of the few humor and political satire points of the film. The film from the starts makes it clear that while Godzilla is very much a treat the bureaucracy that controls japan is just as much a problem. Throughout the film multiple instances occur where bureaucracy gets in the way of an actual decision allowing Godzilla time to grow into his final form. The pacing of the film was great as it never dwelled to much on one aspect either human or Godzilla. They was plenty of time that all the characters where fleshed out and you genuinely felt for them when they felt hopeless and where running out of ideas to stop Godzilla and happy for them when they do stop him but more on that later.

2. Godzilla

   Now we can’t talk about a Godzilla film without talking about the king himself. Godzilla in this film is a lot different from all other incarnation in both appearance and origin. In this film he stands at around 118.5 meters in this film making him the largest version of Godzilla to ever appear even larger than the 2014 version by legendary Studios which was 108.2 meter tall. Unlike previous version this Godzilla while body wise still has that dinosaur like body this Godzilla is more monstrous and terrifying looking then previous incarnations. His body while still the usual charcoal black in color does not look like reptilian skin rather more like scar tissue or burnt flesh which ties into the idea he is a victim of radiation burns like from an atomic bomb that the creators where going for. Parts of his body are a red in color that glows as if giving off heat which they are. Some have complained about his thighs and his arms for being too thick and small recreantly. While yes the arms are very small this is of little issue to me as he is still able to dish out massive amounts of destruction without the need of his arms. As for the thighs the 2014 Godzilla from legendary also had thick thighs so again I had no issue with the thighs. Now did he have his trade make Atomic ray. The answer is a joyous yes but unlike previous version where it was a blue in color and appeared as either a “mist” or beam or energy in this film it is purple in color and as seen in the film can be controlled in how powerful it can be going from a torrent of atomic fire from his mouth to a laser of purple energy coming from his mouth that was continues and cut through everything in its path. Aside from that unlike in previous films this Godzilla could shoot his atomic ray from out of his back in a torrent of multiple ray and even a ray out of the tip of his tail. Another difference from other films is that his atomic ray in not unlimited and he can only use it for a limited amount of time cause like an atomic reactor he can run out of power and become immobile a weakness that they use in the film to stop him. This Godzilla can be “harmed” by some conventional weapons as he is made to bleed when some bombs from a B-2 bomber hit him on the dorsal spins, however most weapons just bounce off of him. Now as for his origins that’s where this film differs most from all the rest. In this film he is not a lizard or dinosaur mutated by the fallout of a hydrogen bomb, rather he was a species of ancient microorganism that became exposed to nuclear waste and rapidly mutated to survive off radiation and then combining in to a single organism to become Godzilla. Throughout the first half of the film we see Godzilla evolve first being seen a more aquatic form when he first appears crawling around on just his two back legs, then into a second more bipedal form that appears more like Godzilla and then finally appearing in his final form described above. Now unlike the very first film where Godzilla is stopped by killing him in this film he is stop when the Japanese freeze him by pumping him full of a collate that freezes him solid. Is this the end of Godzilla? No as the ending which I will not spoil leaves the door open for more films.

 In general, my thought on the film is this. The King Has Returned. After a long hibernation the king of the monsters has returned in a big way and while changing up a lot of this from his appearance to his very origins this new installment into the Godzilla franchise ranks among my top ten best Godzilla films join the likes of films lie the original 1954 Godzilla and the 1995 Godzilla vs Destroyah. I give this film a 10/10 and high recommend if you can to go see it. For my USA friends there is still time as the limited screening continues until the 18th of this month. Now the only drawback I have with the film and this is more of a nitpick is that because this is a direct film import in is not dubbed over and is still in Japanese with English subtitles so unless you have a problem with having to read the whole movie I still high recommend seeing the film.

If you wish to see the film and find out where you can this link will help you find the closet theater to you showing the film in the USA:…


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