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Made of stars

By Mechagen
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Красивая и печальная работа!

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Looks like Twilight Velvet her mum
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still find this very very beautiful/amazing 
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Looking at this another way: looking out at the stars, Twilight see's a face from long-ago, a time of myth and legend now. A face that, even now, uncounted millenia later, Twilight could never forget.

" Mom"?

Reaching out a hoof, Twilight's eyes begin to water, as the apirition does the same, her eyes still full of love, and a wisdom Celestia could never match. For a minute, Twilight wasn't a princess, nor a leader, but a unicorn filly, her mother telling her the monsters in her closet and under her bed weren't real, as she sung her to sleep.

Looking back, the appirition was gone. But carried on the breeze, Twilight could faintly hear " I love you Twily".

Letting her tears fall freely now, not caring if anyone heard, Twilight replied " I love you to, mommy".
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Well, ebing several millenia old, Celestia is of course wiser than Twilight Velvet.

Yet ... ugh! Alright, your short story made me sad.

There. Happy, now?

You wrote a real good stuff, here. :-)
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This is also a good song for this image…
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Space pones.. Almost as good as Nazi Pones!
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Just love it.
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its beautiful, love the music video too...just one question...where is her horn?
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Как ты все прекрасно рисуешь ((
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Да вроде хуже, чем прежде. XD
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Pff, it's not worse at all, you silly pony~
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Eto ne toliko tehnika, no i idei ^_^
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This is so beautifully painted.  :>

Should I assume it's an AU? 
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Thank you very much! :3
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Written in the stars. Gloomy 
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