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Inhumane is a story that i am creating and have been planning for a year now, Inhumane is a sci-fi/psychological-horror/slice of life story.

Inhumane involves these characters:
Biomechanical god (name pending)
military leader (name pending)
original god (name pending)
more to come as the idea develops.

This is what the story of inhumane is so far (or at least what i will tell show you)

In the beginning, there was a god that created primitive life on earth, which caused the pre-cambrian explosion. These creatures evolved all the way until the cretacious period, where another god was created to create life on earth. This being was a massive planet-sized brain with rediculously powerful psychic cababilities. This being had a consciousness, and even a moral compass. This new god decided to create a planet around itself so that it could have protection and a place to create and "Test" new lifeforms. This god decided to wipe out the current life on earth, but unfortunately, it was not able to, since the gigantic psychic waves from it's brain would have accidentally destroyed the planet it had created. Instead it created a psychic being capable of wiping out all life on earth. This being did wipe out almost all life on earth, but after doing so, it had nothing to do, and simply died slowly. After this, the god created mammals, which would then evolve into humans.

Millions of years later, the being that destroyed all cretaceous life was now a fossil deep in the earth, humans had destroyed all life on earth, and was on the verge of apocalypse. God had decided once again to create the same being to destroy all life on earth, but this time it was intended to also be an "Evolution" of god, and would be able to grow way more powerful than himself. This being would later be known as "Xentriarch"

Xentriarch was sent to earth, destroyed a large portion of the human population, but was stopped by the US military. The US military also previously discovered the fossil of the being that destroyed all cretacious life, and analysed it completely, and found out that it was the same being as xentriarch, which had DNA absorbtion. They managed to fuse xentriarch with human DNA, and "Xentriarch" was born. Xentriarch would develop a personality and slowly gain human traits.

While this had happend, another creature buried in the earth's mantle had detected a change in the earth's magnetic field, (as a result from xentriarch using her psychic abilities to wipe out a large portion of the earth's population) and dug quickly up to the surface of the earth, and ran as fast as it could towards where the change in the magnetic field occured. This creature was known as blaze.

Xentriarch info:
Species: (name pending)
Name origin: Xeno + Matriarch
Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, DNA absorbtion,
Xentriarch has a hard time manipulating things on a molecular level, but effortlessly manipulates matter above molecular sizes. She cannot use telekinesis on objects denser than diamond.
Her telepathy is extremely powerful, is able to telepathically make hundreds of people see,hear,smell,think,touch,etc, what she wants them too.
Personality: Shy, but is an observer, and isnt sensitive either.
Gender: Female
Other: Cannot comprehend cleaniness, so the room she is kept isolated in is always dirty.

im tired af so im gonna finish this later on
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