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Legacy mech sketch

By Mecha-Zone
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A level 1 sketch commissioned by a fan of the Battletech Legacy mech.
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This will always be my #5 favorite mech, #1 Summoner, #2 catapolt, #3 novacat, #4 Mauler
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nice job again keep up the great works
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Is this a Razorback? Looks cool, and more if is in freehand. :)
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Nope, this is a Legacy, a Word of Blake assault battlemech.
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Wow! 3 years later my comment has been answered by somebody...


Thank you I really apreciate it. :XD:
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Yeah, you've been waitin a long time for that huh, well wait no longer! Congrats Mechwarrior! :happybounce: I am a dummy! ;) (Wink)  You are most welcome:D (Big Grin) 
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It was a long wait. :XD:

Thank you, child of Kerensky for support the cause of the clans. :meow:
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You are welcome brother, courtesy of Clan Nova Cat.
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I want to like the Legacy as it is a very cool-looking mech, but it always hits one of my pet peeves about battle mech design: Cockpit size. Don't ask me why, but the larger the cockpit windows as well as the location of it tends to drive me up the wall. I mean I know that battle mechs are powered solely by the Rule of Cool, but I like to have some level of practicality in them. Something like the Awesome where the view slot is this tiny little thing is what I like.

Ok, rant/tangent over. Overall this looks pretty nice so good job mate.
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larger the cockpit usually means, not always but usally means smaller mech size
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loving this style! if I can ask: how much of it is freehanded? I know in the past you've mentioned using templates for ellipses, so if you have a recommendation in general for that Id love to hear :)
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This is all freehand. I don't bother taking the time to use templates on my sketches. I do have several ellipse templates. One general purpose template with lots of angles on one sheet, and then a whole pack of different angles, each on a different sheet but with more size variations. I also have circle templates of all sizes and the regular arsenal of rulers. I don't use french curves.
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Thanks a ton! :D no specific brand then, just a consensus of 'variety is good'? though come to think of it, it's hard for me to imagine how any brand could 'mess up' at pieces of plastic with holes in them.

wow, I'm boggling at your ability to draw clean curves now. I'll have to practice!
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the only difference is that some templates are beveled for easier inking. Not many though and certainly none of mine.
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wasn't sure what beveling meant, but looked it up. is that where instead of a sharp edge, it slopes inward around the template 'stencil'? would make sense. thanks again.
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yeah, that's pretty much it.
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great work as usual man!
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Nice!! I always liked the design
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Love how the Auto Cannons look. :)
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Another great mech sketch. I like the sense of motion.
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