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Karza Tango

I finally made time to color this Micronauts / Pacific Rim mash-up that I drew about 5 months ago. Baron Karza is the main bad guy from Micronauts and I always wondered what it would look like if he built a giant mecha suit. Now I know.
You can get prints of this as well as i-pad and phone case with this image on them from my store. The I-pad case looks especially killer.…
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Wow! Badass! This could be... the Macronauts! I'm gonna open a new faves folder with your Karza :clap:
(now you gotta draw Acroyear and King Atlas... C'mon... Don't mess! )
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Who doesn't love a giant robot? Great work ^.^ looks like actual concept art for Pacific Rim:)
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whoa...He's intimidating O_O
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I think Karza may have actually built himself a normal human sized mech suit in the Devil's Due Micronauts series.  And considering his "normal" size it'd work out the same. 
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Yes, someone else in a different forum mentioned that as well. I never read that comic... I tried but the 2 issues I saw were so bad that I couldn't handle it. The giant mecha to him would definitely be more human sized and that was what I had in mind when I drew this. I think it would be a fun story.
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Not very often you see the micronauts. well-done.
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Been awhile since I've seen any characters from Micronauts!  well done~
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glad you like it :)
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Wicked cool take on the character and scene!
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I never knew how Karza kinda looked like Coyote tango a bit....weird
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Awwwwwwww :love: You have your own Jaeger nice :drool:
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it costs a fortune to fill the tank so I only take it out on special occasions.
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And when you said special it's for impress the chick :D
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Awesome to the max!
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