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Group info and rules

This is a group for customized toys and model kits, and original designs only!
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Hello and welcome to Mecha Mavericks! We are a group that is dedicated specifically to customized models and original mecha designs and concepts. Everything from kitbashes to simple repaints of mecha models, including Gundams, Zoids, Mortar Headds, Transformers, Armored Cores, and more!

I saw a bunch of groups made for models specific to whatever they were from, but didn't see any that combined them all. Thought it would be great to see all the custom mechs together for a more variety of viewers and because we can all gain new ideas and techniques from one another as well.
:star: Rules :star:

:bulletblue: Get along with everyone.

:bulletblue: For models and toys, only customized and professional photographed are allowed. By professional photography, I mean have a clean background, not blurry, and be well lighted. THIS IS NOT A PHOTO DUMP

:bulletblue: Any kinda of mecha is accepted!

:bulletblue: Only original art will be accepted. No adding photos of other peoples work that you found on the internet!

:bulletblue: Only 3 submissions are allowed daily by one person to avoid people dumping.

:bulletblue: Please submit your art into the appropriate folder. I you accidentally submit it to the wrong folder, just send me or one of the co-founders a note and we'll fix it. PLEASE BE SURE TO ADD WORKS IN PROGRESS TO WIPS

:bulletblue: If you break the rules multiple times or become a liability for the club, you will be kicked out.

If you have an issue or question, please just send me a note. Please remember that we all have busy lives and may take time responding. Thanks!

Gallery Folders

AGX-005 Cybuster - Full Body by carlospenajr
PTX-003C Alteisen - Full + Kyousuke by carlospenajr
Type-02 Guren Mk-II - Attack by carlospenajr
Jehuty HD ver - Attack in the Night 3 by carlospenajr
Zoids Shrieker: Tremor BCAS support unit by DGDSND01
Death Saurer P by Bang-Doll-SSI
Zoids Tremor Custom by DGDSND01
HMM Liger Zero Hailstorm Custom by AuroraLion
My First Gunpla by DGDSND01
GNZ-010 Almagest by Juno-Uno
1/72 Kshatriya 2 by Bang-Doll-SSI
Custom Elita One by paul053
Custom Transformers Masterpiece G1 Lockdown by chonosmoon
Custom G1 Cybertronian Skywarp by chonosmoon
Armored Core
AC: Split Skull by clem-master-janitor
Mirage Selena Chaingang Custom by neueziel
armored core 3 by espen86
PTX-EX-X Ex-Exbein - T-LINK Saber by carlospenajr
PTX-EX-X Ex-Exbein - Full Body by carlospenajr
PTX-EX-X Ex-Exbein - Black Hole Buster Cannon by carlospenajr
YAM-008-2 Altelion - Flight mode by carlospenajr
Mortar Headds
Bang Doll vs Ashura Temple Close-Up by Bang-Doll-SSI
Bang Doll vs Ashura Temple 2 by Bang-Doll-SSI
Bang Doll vs Ashura Temple 1 by Bang-Doll-SSI
Resin Bang Doll by HDorsettcase
warhammer 40k space marine ship by Granamir update by Granamir
Stampy the Ork Stompa by Prometheus023
Titans by HobbyV
Warhound 2 by HobbyV
Project Omega: Resumed by WheelJack-S70
Inferno MP Upgrade Kit - WIP by WheelJack-S70
Liger zero 90% by Keith60153
Liger zero 2nd pose by Keith60153
Original Designs Art
CYBORG by Joe-Roberts
A1-Titan Robot. by Net-Zone-Network
The Minotaur by Number9Robotic
New Designs Art
Non-blox Lord Gale by AuroraLion
Concept Sketches
What a Load of Bull by Number9Robotic








I'm a pretty busy girl and I sometimes disappear from time to time, so I would really love to find a co-founder to help watch over things. If any of you would like to become a co-founder, let me know! :)
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seanmcchapman Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Check out this video with PewDiePie Markiplier and Cry as they fight in MECHS!!!… OMO)  

Arazrael Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015
I'm here looking for a passionate Mecha illustrator who is willing to help with concept art designs that will be used for a computer game and as advertising material for a kickstarter campaign.

(I know this group is mainly for models, but a model builder and an illustrator working together has some great potential I think)
pika247 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Since I can't add things to the WIP folder, should I just add it to the corresponding series' folder?
waitingtoolong Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes please, and i will be sure to move it to WIP. Thanks!
zanruos Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012
hello i just recently got into modifiying models and saw the founders lier model and i have the same type i am curios how he got it mor posibly and have a neck
waitingtoolong Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! It was a very long task that required a lot of planning and quite a few tools. But for the spark-noted version:

-Get some ball joints, epoxy putty, superglue, plastic cement.
-Gut the motor and remove all metal from it.
-Cut the motor and the frame in half behind where the blades attach.
-Made the two separate parts flexible using legos and other joints. [link]
-Cut the neck from the frame, filled in between the two peices with some spare parts and details. Made flexible with more legos at the base of the neck and the body. [link]
-Make legs and head flexible in a similar manner to Vegah2's tutorial: [link]

Hope this helps.
Marrekie Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
Nice setup guys.
waitingtoolong Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, and welcome!
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