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Disney steampunk: Scar


PREMIER DISNEY STEAMPUNK DE L'ANNÉE 2014!!! J'espère que vous avez passé de joyeuse fête!

Alors voila Scar. Je voulais vraiment faire un disney steampunk de roi lion, mais les personnages n'étant pas anthropomorphiques, ça ne me laissais pas beaucoup de possibilité. Donc j'ai décidé de les changer un peu. Ils sont probablement d'une race voisine de celle du capitaine Amelia de "La planette aux trésors". Pour Scar je voulais des couleurs très terreuse et aussi mélanger plusieurs sorte de métals. Sinon j'ai lu quelque part qu'avant d'être blesser Scar s'appelait Taka, ça m'a inspiré cet backstory:

Le prince Taka était le fils aîné d'un roi très puissant mais aussi très vieux et devait un jour succéder à son père sur le trône. Mais le royaume était constamment menacé par la faute de barbare vivant dans le désert à proximité et il était de la responsabilité de la famille royale d'assurer la protection de leurs sujets. Malheureusement Taka était plus un intellectuel qu'un guerrier alors que son jeune frère, Mufasa, était le meilleur combattant du royaume. Mufasa était aussi très proche de son peuple à l'inverse de Taka qui préférait rester seul. Si bien que, parmi les simples gens comme parmi les membres du conseille, beaucoup pensait que Mufasa ferait un bien meilleur roi que son frère aîné et, comme si cela n'était pas suffisant, celui-ci se mérita l'affection de Sarabi qui était promise à Taka et dont ce dernier était terriblement amoureux. 

Fou de rage, Taka alla seul affronter le roi des barbares dans le bus de prouver sa valeur et gagner le cœur de sa belle. Malheureusement pour lui Taka fut vaincu et torturé devant les portes du royaume par le roi des barbares. C'est Mufasa qui sauva Taka et tua du même coup le roi ennemi. Pour ses exploits, Mufasa fut couronné roi à la mort de son père et épousa Sarabi. Quand à Taka, il ne ce remis jamais complètement de ses blessures et exigea que désormais les gens l'appel Scar. Il devient tellement jaloux de son frère, qui lui avait tous pris, qu'il ce mit à comploter contre lui. Secrètement il réussi à retrouver les barbares qui, sans leur chef avaient tous erraient dans le déserts mourant de faim, et avec beaucoup d'argent et de ruse devient leur nouveau leader dans le but de reprendre le trône qui lui revenait de droit.


FIRST DISNEY STEAMPUNK OF 2014 ! I hope you had a great holiday!

So here's Scar. I really wanted to do a steampunk disney of the lion king, but the characters are not anthropomorphic and it doesn't let me plenty of opportunities. So I decided to change that and now they are more close to the race of Captain Amelia from " The treasure planet ". I wanted for him very earthy colors and also a mix of several kind of metals. Otherwise, I read somewhere that before being hurt, the name of Scar was Taka, it inspired me this backstory :

The prince Taka was the eldest son of a very powerful but also very old king and one day he was destined to succeed to his father. But the kingdom was constantly threatened by barbarians living in the desert nearby and it was the responsibility of the royal family to ensure the protection of their peoples. Unfortunately Taka was more an intellectual than a warrior while his younger brother, Mufasa, was the best fighter in the kingdom. Mufasa was also very close to his people unlike Taka who preferred to stay alone. So the commons people and the members of the Council thought that Mufasa would make a much better king than his elder brother and, as if that wasn't enough, he has earned the affection of Sarabi who was promised to Taka and he loved her madly.

Enraged, Taka went alone to face the king of barbarians for proving his worth and win the heart of his beloved. Unfortunately for him, Taka was defeated and tortured before the gates of the kingdom by the king of barbarians. It was Mufasa who saved Taka and killed the enemy king. For his feat, Mufasa was crowned king on the death of his father and married Sarabi. As for Taka, he never completely recover from his injuries and now demanded that everybody call him Scar. He becomes extremelly jealous of his brother and began to plot against him. Secretly, he managed to find the barbarians who, without their leader, was wandered in the desert dying of hunger, and with a lots of money and cunning he becomes their new leader in an attempt to regain the throne.

PS: Sorry in advance for the english mistakes. :)

Scar (C) Walt Disney's The lion king
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Why does he look like a female?
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
Maybe it's because of the corset? I decide to give him one after I read an article about the fact that, in the victorian era, some men were also wearing corset to give them-self a nice body shape. But it was as dangerous and unhealty then for womans...

It looked like this:……

But in the end, I wanted to try it on a character and I just thought he would be the best to wear it and still look fabulous!
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Badass and amazing :love:
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Wow. That's badass Scar. Sexy badass Scar :D
Any Plans to do King Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, the Barbarians, Old mystic Rafiki, or any of the others?  Personally I's love to see Kovu from the Lion King II done up in the same style.  In any case I love the whole SPD series you've created here.
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
Thanks! I wish to do Sarabi soon, but right now I'm in school and I'm very busy so I don't know when I'll draw her. But they are all in my to do list. XD
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I love this so much! You clearly put thought into your work, and that makes it one hundred times better. This piece is amazing :)
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
Thank you very much! :aww:
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Can I just say it:  Scar looks all types of badass and just a little sexy
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You're welcome ^^
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I love the lion-headed staff and the African-esque geometric designs on his pants as tie ins to the original movie. Also, if you replace 'barbarians' with 'hyenas' in your story, it sounds like a very real backstory to the canon Lion King. 
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
Thanks, and yes the barbarians are the hyenas! :D
AntiopeDeThemiscyre's avatar
Wow, sympa cette version de l'histoire de Scar ! Et chouette création aussi :)
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
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