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Disney steampunk: Esmeralda


Un nouveau Disney steampunk! Ça faisait longtemps.

J'ai enfin terminé l'école et entre deux recherches d'emploi j'ai trouvé le temps pour faire Esmeralda! Je la vois bien être une activiste militant pour faire instaurer un syndicat pour défendre les droits des immigrants qui sont abusés par les usines et les riches commerçants. J'ai essayé malgré tout de garder sa palette de couleurs au maximum, que voulez-vous, j'adore le mauve et je trouve que ça lui va bien! :)


A new disney steampunk! It's been awhile.

I've finally finished school and between two job searches I've find the time to make Esmeralda! I think she would be a good activist, fighting for establish a syndicate for the rights of immigrants who are abused by factories and wealthy merchants. I tried to keep its original color palette because, you know, I just love purple and I find that it's look good on her!:)

Esmeralda (C) Walt Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Victor Hugo
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I like that look for her. ^_^
for some reason it makes me think of a cross between Audrey from Atlantis and Sadira from Aladdin.
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OMG, I MUST see your take on Princess Aurora.
You'd undoubtedly make her look AMAZING. XD
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
She's on my to do list, I just don't know when I'll make her. ^_^
ShadOBabe's avatar
That's fine! Take your time!! 83
stephiepoohbearcats's avatar
Beautiful, any chance of kingdom Hearts characters since the games have a lot of disney characters? If not, maybe you could do Aurora from Sleeping Beauty?
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
Don't worry, when I'll find a good idea for them, I'll do both Aurora and Kingdom hearts characters. I love this game! ^_^
stephiepoohbearcats's avatar
Great, can't wait to see them!
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C'est vraiment beau !
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it is a great look :) I see the steampunkish elements but I also see a lot of her original design as well :) and she's not one to back down or get scared away so easily :D
MecaniqueFairy's avatar
Yup! And this is why she's one of my favorite disney character. :)
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She's almost as good as I hate all socialist and workers movements :)
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JoshGarciaArtworks's avatar
You're very welcome!! :D ya did a great work on this!! :D
TwilightsInferno's avatar
Perfect!! Love her hat!
SassyAries77's avatar
Love, love, love!
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