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National Brotherhood Week by Mebreb National Brotherhood Week :iconmebreb:Mebreb 2 3 Wave o' Baby by Mebreb Wave o' Baby :iconmebreb:Mebreb 6 0 Galvans are weird by Mebreb Galvans are weird :iconmebreb:Mebreb 8 4 I've accidentally recreated Recess! by Mebreb I've accidentally recreated Recess! :iconmebreb:Mebreb 5 1 Captiosus puella! by Mebreb Captiosus puella! :iconmebreb:Mebreb 11 4 He's No Ordinary Kid by Mebreb He's No Ordinary Kid :iconmebreb:Mebreb 16 0 Belts by Mebreb Belts :iconmebreb:Mebreb 5 0 I did this instead of go trick-or-treating by Mebreb I did this instead of go trick-or-treating :iconmebreb:Mebreb 6 1 Mr. Lipka by Mebreb Mr. Lipka :iconmebreb:Mebreb 8 1 Mike by Mebreb Mike :iconmebreb:Mebreb 8 3 All Around Me Are Familiar Faces... by Mebreb All Around Me Are Familiar Faces... :iconmebreb:Mebreb 10 0 Matty Told Hatty... by Mebreb Matty Told Hatty... :iconmebreb:Mebreb 6 1 A Tribute to iLee-Font by Mebreb A Tribute to iLee-Font :iconmebreb:Mebreb 9 4 The Ultimate Andy by Mebreb The Ultimate Andy :iconmebreb:Mebreb 7 2 The Grand Andies by Mebreb The Grand Andies :iconmebreb:Mebreb 7 0 What a Guy! by Mebreb What a Guy! :iconmebreb:Mebreb 10 3


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National Brotherhood Week
All the Imp folk
Hate the dungeon folk
And the dungeon folk
Hate the Imp folk
And the Angel folk
Hate the Demon folk
And everyone hates the Grues!

Commissioned by The-Gij of her charmingly chaotic minions (no, not the things from the merchandise), the Imps! It's been a pleasure drawing these characters and I'm ever so glad I got the opportunity!
Wave o' Baby
"I think I have a chance with this guy!" says Circus Baby, not remotely referring to what you're thinking right now.

Made for wagonfullapancakes based off of one of the many ubiquitous deaths in the Teen Girl Squad saga of the decrepit-yet-hilarious Homestar Runner website and my increasingly limited knowledge/confusion of the Five Nights at Freddy's lore.
Uses .PNGs from the Five Nights at Freddy's wiki, the ("disturbingly apprehensive", according toTVTropes) Homestar Runner wiki, and u/defectivethings on Reddit.

Dang! I'm gonna need a FNaF folder, soon enough. And a break. Not from here, though -- I haven't been posting nearly enough here on DA, especially in the past several weeks.
Mr. Lipka
Got a little clever on this one with the M and the D.

This was him before he died, of course -- thus, the two insignia are nothing more than a coincidence. The M is the brand of coat jacket he's wearing (Munday Shirts Or Pants Or Whatever™) and the D (pfft!) is just a belt.
I think his waist might be higher up than I intended, but I suppose the picture as a whole doesn't look too bad for now.

How dry I am
How dry I am
It's plain to see
How dry I am

No alcohol
In my high ball
And that is why
So dry I am
Galvans are weird
In the show, they're a race of sapient amphibians with razor-sharp teeth, they're constantly mistaken for rodents despite looking absolutely NOTHING like them, they created a race of sentient, liquid metal ON ACCIDENT, they ride in (relatively) large mechs with a body that looks like their faces, they've been outsmarted by a nonsapient race of giant, purple birds that went extinct when the climate changed drastically in spite of it apparently not affecting the Galvans, they have eyes clearly bigger than the rest of their heads despite being more intelligent than a crab with telekinesis, and every single one of them wears green and black or black and white.

I've accidentally recreated Recess!
So I was just doodling in my daily planner, trying to pick out an idea of what I'd want Cooper to look like and what art style I wanted to use, and...

...I've unintentionally created an amalgamation of T.J., Mikey, Vince, and Ron Stoppable.
Should I go with this?
To the two people who favorited my art at about 3:30 in the morning: what the crap are you doing here!? Go to sleep already!

*sobs ambiguously through wakeful tears*
Caspariana LindaRoze
embedded_item1540540116150 by Mebreb


Reid Heidler
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Small-time artist, sci-fi enthusiast, and wannabe writer/animator/voice actor. Pretends to be a noodle with legs from outer space called Mebreb on websites like and the SCP wiki. Inspirations include Ben 10, Treasure Planet, Rick & Morty, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, & Alice in Wonderland.


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