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Sonic'Light Speed'dunks-e1evEn

I call these customs, Sonic "Light Speed" dunks, I did them as a tribute to Sonic and his 20th Anniversary this your. If not for Sonic my skill level as an artist today would not be. I decided to name the shoes Sonic "Light Speed" dunks as a reference to the shoes sonic actually wears. When he upgraded to the Green eyed sonic of today, so did his shoes labeled as the "light speed dash shoes". I have sonic & eggman featured on the shoes in there classic dramatic poses. On the heel of the right shoe there is a Cheat Code that was used in Sonic 1 as a level select (something for the gamer heads). I have added 2 RARE collector sonic emblem pins attached to the front laces. I chose to place stars on each side of the shoes to represent the banner that's on the emblem in every sonic logo. The all familiar checker board background was an upgrade from the classic sonic landscape to the new 3D landscape seen in Sonic 4. I've added Sonic and Eggman's personal logos next to them as well. I thought this would be alot cleaner than slapping a huge Name logo. Readers of the comic series will recognize them right off. I had to go with the Classic colors of Red, Blue, and Yellow on a Nike Dunk High. Thanks for the support and comments and feedback is welcome.
-completed 2011 [link]
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:omg: Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3
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so awesome i want one! XD
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Did you make those? O_o they are AWESOME!!!!! WAUW!!!
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yes indeedy all hand painted
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THOSE...are pretty damn awesome.
Wow!! Really nice! The characters are very well executed and i think the background checker is a very good idea. I also like the name, very well chosen.

I had in mind painting my new sneakers with a different Sonic related theme. I hope I can work on them soon...
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