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The second eldest of 4 sisters created by a mad man. Britty fights for survival, food, and supplies for her sisters.... At least the ones still needing them. Britty is the only one able to leave the basement they have been trapped in. Scared if she attempts to get help a horrible fate would come to the others. Britty participates in underground hybrid fights. The money made from gambling with her own life to buy what they need still having hope someone will find them and free them from the mad doctor who created them.

So in blake sonichu's dicription i wrote that the research that was used to create him went missing well this is what happened to it. The mad scientist i have in mind is a character i call prof. Penor (yes it's a bit of a childish name but fuck you i like it) he is a horrid person who made 4 artificial female humanoid pokemon for his own gain. When he didnt want them anymore he locked them in his basement lab. He knows britty leaves but doesn't care as he has treatend the two younger siblings lives if she doses something that could get him arrested. "Will britty's sisters be free will penor be put behind bars who knows? in sonichu."

Britty is based off brit-tay rosechu of the basement rosechus she seemed the most sassy and confident of the 4 i made her a big sister type to make her more relatable. I would want her to meet punchy giving him cause to investigate her and finding out about her sisters then try to stage a rescue attempt.

Let me know what you think the other 3 are on their way
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