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This is -sort of- fanart of the Fool from Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings. A little more sinister than I originally intended. 
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Very sinister, in truth, but beautiful nonetheless!
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I feel an eeriness to this, but more in the setting and dark colors. I see the fool here a puppeteer and there is a sweetness to him, an innocents as well. The sinister part to me feels like an oppressive darkness surrounds him and maybe he's trying to fight against it.
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Oh! So cool! One of my favorite takes on the fool
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Possibly the coolest pic ever I've seen of him. <3
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Great portrait of the Fool, very dark but also very true to the Fool.
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I never considered the Fool sinister but I think his alien appearance and behaviour would seem so to those who don't know him. Sinister aside the picture captures him perfectly. His not quite human looks, the fact that he is a manipulator in so many ways and that he does work with wood and creates toys when not busy putting his Catalyst in harms way.

Great composition and light.
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It's beautiful, I love it. :heart:
One of the best portraits of the Fool IMO.
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